The Electric Earth

The Electric Earth YouTube channel is the place to learn about Earth’s geologic history. Theories developed over the past century have ignored the evidence of forces that shaped the planet – and our history. It’s time to set the record straight.

The universe is electric – it is the single unified force we see in every aspect of the cosmos. All visible matter in the universe is plasma – the stars, the galaxies and everything in between. Even the solid planets are condensed and charge-neutralized plasma.

All of chemistry is the loss and addition, exchange and bonding of electrons at the molecular and atomic level. Biology is likewise electric – the movement of muscles, the brain’s synopses and the mechanisms of our cells are all attributed to electrical forces.

It only makes sense that  gravity is an emergent consequence of electromagnetism – yet consensus science tells us that gravity is somehow different. They can’t explain it, but they say it rules the cosmos. And then they devote billions of dollars trying to “unify” quantum electrodynamics with gravity.

At the same time, they fail time and again to demonstrate any comprehension of what they see in their telescopes and what they model with mathematics. Watch any NASA press conference on new findings in space and you will see one common theme – they didn’t expect what they found. Why is that? Isn’t a solid scientific understanding supposed to be able to predict what will be found?

The models they use make time and space malleable in order to make the math work. Then they add dark matter, dark energy, cosmic inflation and expansion, because the math doesn’t work otherwise. They can’t find these things, test them, explain what they are, where they are, how they came about, or how they work, but they insist they are real. They refuse to look for a better answer because they are invested in their flawed assumptions.

Consensus science then tells us we have flawed perceptions and can never really comprehend the incomprehensible. We cannot believe what we see, or trust our senses, because that would lead to disbelief in their magical cosmos and a disruption to their funds. Never-mind the scientific principle of Occam’s razor, or the need for empirical proof. One must believe them because they are the anointed elite, who by virtue of their diplomas, are the only people smart enough to understand.

Ask one of them what magnetism is and you will get a blank stare. They really don’t comprehend anything except blind acceptance of what their professors told them, which they turn around and teach our children – and so goes the consensus deception.

Geo-science is much the same. Plate tectonics is their unproven “God of the Gaps” because it’s the only thing their boxed-in minds can imagine. Yet, like the cosmos, Earth won’t cooperate and demonstrate any mechanism for floating continents. Nor will it comport with uniformitarianism – the world keeps changing. Not understanding why, they blame us for being corrupt and greedy polluters.

Every day their conclusions are disproved by their own findings, yet they make the excuse this is the “march of science” – a never ending continuum of wrongness does not persuade them they could be wrong – again.

We can stop this nonsense and look at the Earth and Cosmos for what it is. Nature doesn’t use a computer, nor does it care about mathematics. There are simple geometric rules of electromagnetism displayed in every aspect of nature – fractal repetitious forms take shape in every cloud, leaf and rock. Understanding these forms is the key to comprehension.

There is an objective truth. We have been on the wrong path to find it and must pursue a new direction. The Electric Universe is that new direction. As we follow it, things will begin to make sense. Not only the things in our universe today, but the inexplicable enigmas of our past.

From mythology to galactic formation, from biology to continental plates, and from the Great Red Sot on Jupiter to climate change on Earth, the forces of Nature can be understood. The Electric Earth will explore those forces and provide theories to explain them. It will also point the way for a new generation of scientists to prove them.

Follow this path to discovery. Don’t accept the half-assed theories of the elite shepherds who want to destroy free thinking. Don’t let them lead you into their shit-filled pen of psuedo-religious beliefs. Be a thinking, conscious human – look and see for yourself.

8 thoughts on “The Electric Earth

  1. Here’s a guy wrote a book in 1977 called “The Electric Earth”… Hungarian electrical engineer. This is one excerpt from one of his works… He was saying then that weather is caused primarily by the flow of electrons from the magma into the atmosphere and interacting in unknown ways with the sun… Thought you might like to check him out.


  2. hi, I am interested in your theory. I think discharge impact make terrain too. but I wonder discharge can not make Himalayan Range and another high mountains. so I think you know expanding earth theory. I guess SiO6(stishovite) in mantle becomes SiO4(olivine), increasing volume. SiO4 -> SiO2(granite) also increase volume. this is method of expanding. I have short text. please e-mail me. I want to talk with you. Miura


  3. I am struggling with Geology. I like your approach. However, historical works by Classical Writers indicate the formation of continents in the way generally set out by Chris Scotese. Timing is -5589 Comological Year Zero or Anno Mundi according to reliable writers. General Cosmic Year 1 is -4915/-4914. Creation of Man is -4531. Anno Mundi is equivalent to -13.8 Ga, etc. Scripture entirely agrees your electrical Earth. As a minister of Jesus Christ I won’t take your time on this last point if you are prepared to take my word.

    I can see you are somewhat disdainful of the record of History which I have set out in skeleton form elsewhere. I won’t pursue this with you any more but politely suggest that it is a dangerous matter to tangle with Julius Sextus Africanus, Herodotus, etc.

    I will keep reading and trying to follow and apply as relevant. Best wishes for your overall endeavour.


  4. Thanks again. You did it again. This approach is most helpful. You are teaching sensible science via our senses. Works for me. Proof: I was stuck at a one lane strip of highway in the South Yuba River canyon this morning by a vertical roadcut through granite 3 feet from the car staring at a 10″ wide streak of brown, greasy rock running at 70 degrees through the granite like a knife, wondering what in the heck it was and how it could do that. Such are abundant throughout the Sierra Nevada wherever I have been. I could see several from where we sat. They are made of various sizes, colors and qualities of rock.. Your explanation in living technicolor on the Arizona trail beholding a real mountain… occasional camera instabilities, roaring and all, is an excellent, , most mindful look at how this stuff got here and a real feel for the magnitude and how it’s all so ephemeral and so drenched in beauty. Deep thanks for letting us tag along. I hope I get stuck in the canyon tomorrow.

    If I may ask a 2 part question… Granite, for example, presents at least three separate kinds of rock welded together in tiny bits. Does that mean or imply that those three share same or similar dielectric properties? And does that mean that those thin layers sandwiched by granite that look like different stuff from the granite surrounding them necessarily have very different dielectric properties than the granite or is there some other reason for its differences?

    Yes! Take you there and point at stuff you can see with your eyes. Pleeease carry on.


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