Shock Waves: Why they are important

Immanuel Velikovsky described worlds in collision, and correctly identified the physics of such interactions. They are electric. He was informed by classical physics, such as the work of Christian Berkeland, who half a century earlier discovered the polar aurora is Earth’s electrical connection to the Sun. Today, the Electric Universe community carries theories of an electric cosmos forward, it having been abandoned long ago by mainstream consensus in favor of no Aether, and a miraculous big bang.

We are at odds with consensus science beliefs. Besides the obvious, fundamental disagreements about Aether and gravity, and the plethora of differences flowing from that, we also have a fundamentally different way of addressing scientific inquiry. The examination of shock waves provides an example worth discussing.

Non-volcanic mountains all over the world were laid in place by winds and electric currents. I can’t confirm each and every hillock, but by and large, the mountains around you, wherever you are, were made by wind. They were plasma winds, charged with ions and free electrons, laden with dust and water vapor that carried the current within. Each wind-stream was a current. The dust and water was also charged. Dust was part of the plasma, and amplified it’s effects.

The ground was charged, too, as currents welled from the Earth like springs of water. In fact, much of Earth’s currents are carried by water, so springs of water and current were one and the same. Everything, or at least almost everything was charged in that environment; when the creation of Earth as we know it, with the basic shape of the continents we have now, occurred.

Now this brings up the first big difference we have with consensus science. Consensus science sees a collection of ions as a collection of charged particles that will ultimately recombine and form neutral matter. They either dissect it’s behavior into quantum probabilities, or address it as a bulk entity and ignore it’s inner workings. Either way, they miss the big picture.

We see a collection of ions as a circuit. It is a self organizing body, called plasma, that organizes through the actions of it’s frequencies, interference patterns and feedbacks. It forms membrane walls by capacitance, takes life from currents within, is motivated by electric fields, and reacts in feedback to it’s surroundings with magnetism. That organization is called circuitry. That is why geology, if looked at as part of Earth’s circuitry, totally makes sense. The patterns of circuitry between the earth and sky are evident.

This can be proven simply by looking at the result of shock waves on Earth produced by the plasma winds. The highly ionized plasma winds were supersonic and therefore made shock waves. The shock waves acted as wave guides for dust and current, piling the dust and fusing it into mountains.

To recognize this, all one need do is compare mountains of scientific results from supersonic wind tunnel tests to the tetrahedral shapes of mountains. The tetrahedral shapes, as well as numerous other geologic configurations in mountains, can be shown to be the result of shock waves. The morphologies – shape and composition of mountain features – can be shown to precisely match that of shock waves – and shock waves can be shown to produce the morphology of mountains, empirically.

It is a visual correlation. No math is needed. Of course, a thorough scientific inquiry would include forensic analysis to establish data on the energies involved, the wind speeds and the densities, chemistries and voltages. From this, mathematical models could be made to test and confirm the physics. However, that really isn’t needed to understand the basic circuitry.

Circuitry is a pattern. It is the pattern that informs us, not the math. We already have the math. It is the math of electromagnetism and magneto-hydrodynamics. The links between pattern and math are already known. With regards to shock waves and geology, the patterns are on the landscape to be analyzed. All that is lacking are people educated in the right sciences and willing to get the data and apply the math. Unfortunately, our small community doesn’t yet have such people.

It seems most people schooled in the right sciences prefer to have a career, and a prerequisite for that is accepting the consensus. There are geologists and earth scientists in the EU community (mostly retired people who don’t need a job and have the luxury to seek truth) who have some of the training to apply, but they don’t have backgrounds in aerodynamics. I have yet to hear from anyone who really understands shock waves.

We have electrical engineers who understand circuits, but only when they are contained by wiring and insulation. They don’t seem to know squat about shock waves, arc blast, stray capacitance, or fringing fields because their designs and equations are intended to eliminate these things. The plasma scientists who understand everything, can’t be bothered with geology, because the sexy stuff is outer-space. You know how important it is to know what a black hole really is. That will truly change our lives, right? It’s sexy, and interesting, but it’s not pertinent to anyone’s immediate future. Frankly, if I see an article with “Black Hole” in the title, I don’t read it, because I know whatever is said can’t be verified and I’ll forget about it the next day because it isn’t important.

Understanding the Earth, however, would lead to understanding and perhaps preventing, or mitigating catastrophic earthquakes, volcanoes and weather. It would give us an understanding, instead of a political agenda, behind climate change. It would tell us what caused past extinction catastrophes, and whether they might happen again. This is information that matters. This is information that saves lives.

So I’m giving a bit of admonishment to the scientists in our community for not taking responsibility – as scientists – and focusing on what is most important. But as Natural Philosophers we are very good. People like me, who don’t know all the physics, can still understand the cosmos, from the galaxies to the rocks beneath our feet. My own understanding of physics isn’t half bad, because I’m an engineer, but my knowledge should be described as “an inch deep and a mile wide”. My career required me to know enough about electronics and power transmission, as well as chemistry, geology and human psychology to manage a team building power plants. It’s the “mile-wide” that is important. That’s the other difference we have with the consensus.

The consensus requires specialization. The “big picture” is reserved for the few, mostly astrophysicists who, having spent their time contemplating black holes, haven’t a clue about the real world. They live in their cloistered, academic bubbles.

We have people who might not have a high school education, but they comprehend the universe more than those scientists do. That is because they “see the pattern”, and recognize it’s more important than math. If you have seen one Fibonacci sequence in Nature, you’ll always see it. You can’t un-see it, and there is no point in revisiting the math every time just to recognize it. It’s everywhere in biology, geology, chemistry, and the rest of the cosmos. Likewise the dendrites, filaments and capacitor interfaces created in the process of charge diffusion. Just look, it’s always there. So, we don’t need to beat a dead horse. The math is already evident in the pattern. We know everything is a circuit, therefore coherent, and the patterns are the result, not coincidences.

To the consensus, who look at computer screens instead of Nature, patterns can be coincidences, and therefore not reliable. It’s the same thing they say about eye-witness accounts. This is another big difference we have with the consensus.

Just take what I said about water and currents. Current welling from the ground will carry water with it, because water is it’s conductor and follows the current.

And compare with the concept of “fountains of the great deep” as described by the flood story in the Bible:

“In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, on the seventeenth day of the month, on the same day all the fountains of the great deep burst open, and the floodgates of the sky were opened.”

Source:, New American Standard version

Consensus science ignores, and even denigrates the idea mythologies shed light on the truth. But we see mythologies as accounts, because we recognize patterns of plasma events in their telling. And this is corroborated in ancient art, petroglyphs and symbols.

Never mind the implausibility of Noah living six hundred years for the moment. The plausibility of earth gushing water while under electrical stress is something we should expect to happen, and we therefore give credence to the Bible and other ancient texts and mythologies as a record of witnesses. And we keep an open mind about Noah’s age, because we don’t know the effect of a heightened electrical environment on life. There is ample reason to expect, from fossil record data, that life exploded after extinction catastrophes at rates Darwin’s theories alone cannot explain.

Empirically, we know electricity can make plants grow faster, as well as crystals. High potential accelerates growth. Perhaps it also extends it. We don’t know, but we can see the pattern integrates electricity and life, and we can see the pattern of electric actions that created Noah’s flood. You can pick any other ancient mythology, of course, because each and every one has a flood account.

Consensus science can’t do this. They blinder themselves. They deny the possibility of the great flood, even though it’s documented by every ancient culture’s mythology. It’s the difference between smart, and wise – woke, or awake, as said in the popular lexicon.

Consensus science is reductionist. They take a clock and break it, then examine each piece to figure out what it is. We just look at a clock and say, that’s a clock, because we take a holistic embrace of data knowing there is purpose and pattern due to circuitry.

Another inescapable difference between us and the consensus is our sense of spirituality. Although, in the EU community ones spiritual belief is a personal thing, it can be said of the consensus that they proselytize for atheism. Their cosmos is a big cloud of particles from which intelligent life emerges as a consequence of those particles bouncing around. Energy always disassociates to entropy, and it’s all rather pointless. And they want us to know how pointless we are.

For us, circuits form life. We are individual bodies of highly evolved circuitry and free will. Perhaps the pinnacle of life in the universe, perhaps not. But we only experience a narrow portion of the cosmic bandwidth. We know there is circuitry beyond our ability to experience, for the same reason we don’t hear a dog whistle, or feel a radio wave.

We know circuitry is intelligence. That is what thinking is: circuits firing in your body, sending, receiving and processing signals. We also know that our internal circuits receive signals from the environment we incorporate in our processes. Feel, see, hear, smell, taste and the other one we get, but can’t detect. That is our connection to the Aether.

Earth is no different. My calculator thinks much faster than I do, because it has circuits designed to calculate. It’s not “alive”, of course, but it thinks. Earth’s circuits think. Every circuit thinks. The cosmos is a circuit. The cosmos has to think. By my definition, that’s God; the Alpha and Omega, from beginning to end, the morphology of a circuit. For me, this is an inescapable conclusion in the Electric Universe. And it came from recognizing shock waves.

It’s my mission to make everyone realize that shock wave patterns on mountains are as obvious, identifiable, laboratory verifiable and mathematically modellable as the Fibonacci sequence is in a pinecone. I have little interest in convincing scientists. I have tried and their eyes look past me. They adopt the blank look of a zombie, because they are programmed only to think in certain channels. My goal is to expand the bandwidth, and provide every person with knowledge you can see in Nature for yourself.

With that appreciation of Nature comes wisdom. When we can all see the pattern, we’ll stop funding consensus science and it will die on the ash heap of history. There is a century of bad science that needs to be thrown away, and a new frontier of science to be explored. One that will actually give us answers.

25 thoughts on “Shock Waves: Why they are important”

  1. A star is any planet that is shockwaving with its Filament, with enough energy to have a photosphere.
    The pressure of the AC in the Filament is creating a standing spherical ‘wave’ around every object, but when the object has attracted enough of the Filament the return creates matter and energy

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  2. ‘Fountains of the deep’ I began by thinking the kinetic energy of an Earth slowdown caused ‘boiling’ in heavy metals and that where these rose to the surface water contained in the rocks turned to steam and followed in the wake. Since then I’ve come to the realisation that, by several processes the Earth produces hydrogen/protons. These ions percolate slowly up towards the surface to where they interpenetrate all types of minerals, as long as the minerals remain cool the hydrogen/[ions] remain unreactive. With the slowing of rotation any random heavy metal atom could become overheated and catalyse a reaction between the hydrogen and any oxygen atoms in the mineral, this reaction would rapidly escalate to a runaway creation of supercritical water in situe within the mineral. This would escalate as that water converted to H3O2 instantly driving solutes from the rock, and causing a cascade of reactions including the production of supercritical CO2. Acting together the three would dissolve all the minerals they passed through on their way to the surface, and as the pressure eased the H3O2 would reform as H2O generating huge amounts of charge and jets of steam hot enough to melt steel. The steam may have doubled the height of the atmosphere and fallen as ice clearing the atmosphere of dust as it settled out, in the polar regions, as ‘ice’ somewhat below 100degK.? Everywhere else it fell as rain and was perhaps recycled several times as it cooled the still glowing rock it landed on? The excess hygrogen would remain in the atmosphere, perhaps for the first time giving humanity a blue sky as it slowly dissipated to space?
    Not knowing much about geology limits my options for the ‘mud’ extrusions but kaolin, bentonite, silica sand and perhaps even dolomite are possibilities? If the reactions took place deep enough, and I suspect a significant fraction of the hydrogen ions are produced as the iron core realigns to a less dense crystaline structure,[probably due to incoming emr] then ore bodies would be released from confinement in the outer core, probably copper but also gold and platinum group metals, iridium for instance.

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    1. Protons are produced but very few, way up in the ‘thermosphere’. Approximates to the photosphere on the Sun. Source of “cosmic” rays

      They may also be made inside the Earth, in the core where there is plasma


    2. That’s a lot to digest. Earth’s internal potential rose, so maybe that’s the hydrogen ions. It jives with my theory of fringing currents along continental plates. I like your theory, would like to know more about the processes of ion production.


  3. Underestimation of plasma is rife.

    When the winds are full of plasma, terrific speeds are possible. Just look at Neptune witn 1000kph winds?

    When the Earth is expanding, rapidly, the rocks coming out of the pinch will be plastic and much more easily shaped by these streams of ions. Large plasmoids and even cornucopia, will also impress themselves causing massive explosions and shaping the soft oxidised metals that we call rocks.

    There will be large volcanic eruptions. Nothing like the creation of Eve. No new, additional, large, moon.

    With expansion, the sea levels will rise and fall. Unknown amounts of water will join the seas, and magma will move onto the surface, resculpting shorelines. Rome was buried under 20 metres of mud, summoned from below. That is unlikely to recur…. We are further away from the Sun, already exposed to a greater extent, to the Filament and so the pinches around the planet are less strong, hence release should be less impressive…

    It would be interesting to calculate the planetary positions at the forecast times of the Filamentary collapse. The planets will move away into their new orbitals, but at what rate? Will their charge discharge to Earth? That was what happened to Abel.


  4. Andrew, that was so well written, as all are your comments. I do hope you are compiling these into a book format for posterities sake! You have illustrated remarkably the patterns and I’m thankful you’ve picked up the torch to educate us! I look forward to all your commentaries/emails and I always ponder them (still do). All the photographs I’ve taken from planes and on my routes across this continent are being revisited for new clues. I was married once to a geophysicist and I studied geology for years of which most all I paid to learn was hogwash. And do you think I can shake the old geophysicist into a new frame of mind after all his lengthy career and education??? NADA, closed mind like a steel trap.

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  5. Did the great flood come from Saturn or from the water recently discovered in the crust? Could this water be influenced to collect like beads of mercury from below and temporarily to lift the crust into mountains? Sea floors rising to mountains? How would mountains disappear?


    1. Water does lift though mountains. That is where springs are often found. I don’t know of any mountains disappearing, though. That is a conclusion of the consensus to explain what they can’t explain without invoking evidence free theories.

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      1. The planets have water and gases within them.

        Mountains have water reserves, but no one needs them, so we do not exploit them. Yet.
        Ringwoodite …. just an example.

        Mountains do disappear, often to regrow: volcanoes. Mt Taranaki for example. Krakatoa etc.


      2. Mountains, even landmasses do in fact disappear, in recorded history infact. I recommend the book “The Missing Lands” isbn 978-0-578-48219-4
        This gives a comprehensive account of all prehistory flood stories and the flood to come. Why did the sun stand still and where did that vast rise of water come from?
        (I met you very briefly at the Bath EU conference.)


  6. The 600th year is most important. Earth now occupies the 3rd orbital of Sol. It used to occupy the 1st orbital. Titus Bode shows the relationships between orbitals. 600 1st orbital years passed between the birth of the Earth, as set out in the mistranslated Genesis and the birth of Venus.
    With out longer orbital, the period for the next polarity reversal is a mere 500 years, give or take….

    The falls from the sky and the eruptions are due to the temporary collpase of the additional pressure and power of the filament, that stream of energy connecting all the local stars to the Galactic Centre.

    The Sun is an almost perfect sphere as it balances the internal pressure with that of the Filament. When that disappears, the Sun appears to die, but Our Lord will resurrect in a few days. North will then be south and the sun will rise in the old west and set in the old east. 30+ years to go. The timing is in the NT!


    1. The Diehold Foundation refers to 2046 as the date…pretty close to your prediction Patrick! I had a waking premonition, powerful experience once long ago. I was shown how the sun “births” planets and illustrated how, as they mature, they are pushed from their comfort zone to a farther ring of rotation. The earth is a baby but time has come for it to be pushed out to allow for the birth of a new planet. I have been haunted by that for over a decade and searching for validation. It sure was a monumental moment I experienced to only chalk it off as entertainment is a bit of a challenge.

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      1. That is how it works. The planets born are in pairs. Mars ‘killed’ it’s twin, Apollo.

        Make sure you revisit the scenario in your dreams. They are a channel to the ‘real’ you.

        Currently, males domionate. That also will change, after the reversal of polarity.

        A soul is neither male nor female.


      1. The fireworks would be awesome!

        Massive evolutionary changes…. shared adversity …. heroic saves …… theories validated ….


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