Ten Things to Think About Blogging That You Haven’t Thought Before

I blog. I never set out to do this. It’s a requirement though, a machine sub-set routine I must initiate to flow attention to the novel I wrote. That is my job, writing novels, I thought.

It turns out that writing novels is only half the writing. The rest is all about traffic to your book in the age of Social Media and that’s business.

Fine. I can write creative posts. Apply my craft and try new voices in short form with direct feedback from the reader. It sounds like a good idea for a writer hungry to learn.

So I’ve been researching. It seems the way to do this is guest blog, which this is, and I thank the host for this opportunity. The host is me. I’m posting to myself. I just wanted to show how polite I am.

I’ve been reading blogs of other writers, looking for places to join or contribute, thinking that is where I can meet others of my ilk.

I have had trouble, and that is what I want to talk about. I see some great writing, but it’s dry, business-like. Everyone speaks as themselves.

Why shouldn’t writers of fiction, write fiction? Even when they’re not!

Isn’t it the task of the fiction writer to weave a reality? No one said that reality can’t be real. Go ahead. Fill the reader with facts and lists of Ten Best Things. Tell them what they need to know.

But do it with style. Use your voice. Create a drama, points of view. Don’t just lay your bloody thoughts out like the thing you left in the commode this morning. Write the thing!

I just thought I’d see more of that among the literary crowd. Where do thoughts fly like angels, with emotion and prose? Damn it! Will somebody please point me in the right direction?

Thank you.

A.D Hall, 6.30.15

5 thoughts on “Ten Things to Think About Blogging That You Haven’t Thought Before”

  1. I’ve been acknowledged for my writing in times past. I am only as good a writer as those other writers who have inspired me. I found this post from a comment you made about Mr. Goins, Writer’s Manifesto. I truly believe and have actex on supporting artists/writers with purchasing their works. The whole point of living is to know what you know and know if well through discovery and contemplation. Writers are so crucial in this process as you need a written record to assist you in developing your thoughts to live truly. I also have a blog and I started a writing business wordgripactioncopywriting.wordpress.com.


  2. I have been having the exact same struggle with balancing the enjoyable, fiction writing that I like to do and the clinical, promotion-style writing that I need to do. Let me know if you find the ‘answer’ to this problem 😉


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