Oh boy! Major power outages…

(dated April 24, 2017)

Solar minimum doesn’t mean calm. Meet real climate change…

This storm doesn’t appear to be over…

Can we expect more of this in the coming months and years as we dive into  Solar Minimum? Watch these three short videos from Adapt 2030 to get a concise electrical and historical interpretation of what is going on with the Sun…

To learn more about the Sun-Earth connection and keep abreast of Solar Weather and earthquakes, subscribe to Suspicious0bservers, BPEarthWatch and Adapt 2030.

Fukushima – Not Fake News, and it’s Bad…

While the Mainstream Mania focuses like a laser on Presidential Tweets and conjures a new cold war with Russia, based on the “fact” they did “something” to help an incompetent, dishonest sociopath lose the election, there is actually something news-worthy that they aren’t reporting. That would be the meltdown of Fukushima.

But that happened way back in 2011, didn’t it? Well yes, but it’s still burning, and as a result our oceans are being polluted with radioactive waste. Enormous amounts of it, hundreds of tons per day, that goes straight into the ocean food chain, and no one on Earth knows how to stop it.

Oh shit!

Sorry for the bad news, but this is a lot more important than a Tweet. This report from Anonymous is the most comprehensive I could find…

7.83 Hz – Earth’s frequency, the frequency of life… your frequency.

n e1 brings us this full length documentary on Schumann Resonance. Tune in!

The biggest load of fake news in history is falling apart…

How Al Gore and a host of so-called “scientists” do their work:

The Daily Mail

Now take a look at the real threat to society. California, the State of Denial who has thrown away untold billions on tax and ratepayer subsidized green energy nonsense is going to suffer more untold billions because they forgot to keep their damn dams in repair. Whoops!

The Sacramento Bee

Volcano Sunsets…

Have you noticed, the sunsets have been amazing lately. Volcanoes are the reason.

There are about thirty erupting right now around the world. For the past couple of months, eruptions are occurring on every continent except Australia, but it’s ringed by islands that are going off.

Usually there are three, or four large eruptions around the Pacific Rim, but the ‘Ring of Fire’ has over twenty active volcanoes right now. It’s extraordinary, but the mainstream propaganda, I mean fake news… I mean Mainstream Media isn’t mentioning it.

This worries me, but since there’s nothing we can do about it, enjoy the beauty.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photographed December 2016 – January 2017, Tucson Arizona.



Understanding Magnetism; ‘Science’ doesn’t, so watch these videos, read these articles, and you will know more than a PhD. astrophysicist…

Note the ‘X’ formation shown at 7.57 minutes in this video. Now read this article on new findings about the structure of the Milky Way…

“‘X’ shape in Milky Way confirmed”


At least they are beginning to understand – the data relentlessly leads to electromagnetic fields – not particles – but they can’t quite make the leap…

Science News – “Electrons have potential mutual attraction”

Gee, “Science” learns something new everyday – perhaps because they are so wrong to begin with…

Learn about the secrets of Magnetism from Ken Wheeler – there is geometry to the vortex…video compilation by Justin Shaw…

The ‘Gravitational Wave’ Bunk…

Sorry, not buyin’ it – the ‘gravitational wave‘ didn’t happen…There was a Gamma Ray Burst coincident with the LIGO signal. Black holes can’t emit a GRB – they’re black.

Instead of looking for the obvious cause – an electromagnetic event – the gravity-only folks are looking for a gravity explanation. No doubt there will be a ‘discovery’ of something dark – perhaps ‘dark energy’ pushed some ‘dark matter’ between the ‘black holes’ and made some new ‘dark thing’ happen that will explain the GRB.

All of the ‘dark things’ are purely theoretical inventions. The dog-ate-my-homework excuse for not explaining the things we actually see, which are all electrically excited plasma phenomena.

Has the Angry Photographer upstaged astronomers with an explanation founded in real physics (as opposed to theoretical physics that relies on the ‘dark’ forces)?

I like this guy.

Here is Wal Thornhill on the subject.


Instabilities emerge as an unstable response to small perturbations.

Classic tutorial from Barry Belmont…

Kelvin-Helmholtz from Yuki Minamoto…

Clouds from ABC 33/40 Weather…

Supersonic Shock Waves…

More Shocking Shock Waves…

A Closer Look…

At Mach 2…

Do Not Miss This from UNSWTV…

Baer Nunziato Hyperbolic Two-Phase Flow…

Plasma – Adapt 2030…

Plasma Experiments, Electric Discharge and Fractals…

Essential resource … Mipse

See Valles Marinaris made in the lab… Billy Yelverton experiment

Electric lava… Diveflyfish

Blue Volcanoes …  Playing with Plasma

Powerful Plasma Arcs and Scary Electrical Events

Check out this… knitting needle in spaceMr2Tuff2 and Diveflyfishelectric terraformingraised dendritic ridges in the garage.

Litchenberg figuresfractals in wood

Dr, Johnathan Wolfe, Fractals – Changing Paradigms in Science and Education

Stephen Smith, Electrical Scarring of Planets and Moons Part One, Part Two… an EU perspective.

Paul Anderson, EU 2013 discusses fractal differences between electrical and fluvial geology.

The Story of Electricity – full length BBC documentary

Captured – litchenberg artwork.

Tolkien’s World – Cousin Species…

Update: They are smarter than you think…Can Great Apes Read Your Mind? from “The Conversation

We shared the planet with pre-modern humans…Science DailyRed Deer Cave People…less than 14,000 years ago.

Homo Floresiensis…17,000 years ago – hobbits!

NeanderthalDenisovan…30,000 to 70,000 years ago. “The Truth Behind the Neanderthal Case“…a good documentary. Professor Tom Higham…”When Neanderthals and Modern Humans Meet” lecture at University of Oxford.

New genetic data on aboriginal  Australian’s…Mystery ancient human ancestor found in Australasian family tree

What were they like…Super Predators?

What are they like…1967…”Patterson-Gimlin“…the full Munn’s Report.


Documentary: Stranger than Fiction – “The Patterson Film”

Most recent sighting.

Super Flare – a zap from the Sun…

Until recently, scientists studying the sun didn’t believe in a current portal, linking Earth to the sun 93 million miles away. But now they do… “It’s called a flux transfer event or ‘FTE,’” says space physicist David Sibeck of the Goddard Space Flight Center. “Ten years ago I was pretty sure they didn’t exist, but now the evidence is incontrovertible.”
Magnetic Portals Connect Earth to the Sun

Eurekalert!…it’s happened before. Dec 15…small solar storm. Jan 1…bigger.

Astrobio…maybe more then we know. NASA…can it happen again?

EarthskyNASA…the Carrington Event – not even a super flare. Extremetech…close call in 2012. Solarstorms…what was it like?

Spaceweatherlive…about the Solar wind, Thunderbolts…learn more… Suspicious0bservers

Nat GeoNASA…mainstream view – yawn, go back to bed – nothing to worry about. Or should you…Science Daily. National Space Weather Strategy. Can we Shield Earth from Space Disaster? White House Prepares.

It might not even come from the Sun… Former CIA Director, James Woolsey warns of Nuclear EMP threat. U.S. vulnerability is what “keeps him up at night.”

Thunderbolts…do we know all the effects… Thunderbolts…what else happens in a geomagnetic storm? Lightning storms, earthquakes and volcanoes – Earth’s currents are influenced by the Solar current…leading edge research and current space weather…Suspicious0bservers.

The Starburst Foundation…Galactic Superwaves – the scientific evidence. Superwave Preparedness.

Climate Change – the other side of the debate…

Patrick Moore…Co-founder of Greenpeace – not your average denier.

Judith Curry…interview with a climate scientist who bucked the system.

Wall Street Journal…overview of the climate debate.

American Thinker…AG models aren’t even close.

The Corbett Report…Video – the “pause” in warming explained.

Scientific American…mainstream worries have cooled.

Watts Up With That…the big picture, 18,000 years of climate and civilization.

Manhattan Contrarian…the fraud behind the warming.

Eurekalert!…the real story of climate change – solar activity. Read full paper at Scientific Reports.

Earthquake Prediction – Ben Davidson’s Outgoing Longwave Radiation (OLR) two week test predicts seven out of eight major quakes…

See this Suspicious0bserver Space Weather for details on trial results and Ben’s explanation at EU 2015 (MUST WATCH!). Suspicious0bserver provides leading edge research and daily forecasts about the Sun-Earth connection. Stay informed. A new understanding of cause and effect is allowing earthquake prediction with increasing accuracy. Stay prepared. Have an earthquake plan.

Former NASA and White House advisor,  John L. Casey

Watch this theory on how earth works – earthquakes, volcanoes and climate.

What’s Hot – Tornadoes…

Tornado-2014-420x240Are tornadoes an electrical plasma phenomena? Peter Thompson describes his theory of a Charged Sheath Plasma. This extensive website is devoted to several theories of Peter Thompson, an Electric Universe theorist. This link will take you to the beginning of his discussion on tornadoes and how he believes they are formed as a rotating plasma sheath. It includes lot’s of tornado video, too.

It is known tornadoes have an inner rotating tube. This gives tornadoes the appearance of a double walled Birkeland current. They are created in electrical storms, where cloud to ground charge differentials develop. Is the tornado another type of cloud to ground current? Tornadoes are also seen in the electromagnetic photosphere of the sun, and on Mars. Can their resemblance to a Birkeland current be coincidence?

Watch Pecos Hank:

Make a tornado with a magnet… Reset TV

Theoria Apophasis explains.

lightnings12Lightning – it’s more powerful than you think…


Stay informed – news you can use…

Suspicious0bserversSzeroSquare – Daily Space Weather

hqdefaultdutchsinse – Earthquake News and Forecast – Space News and Electric Universe

stephan molyneux Stefan Molyneux – Common Sense

Essential sources…Learn for yourself.     The Thunderbolts Project – Electric Universe Theory       Wallace Thornhill – Electric Universe Theory    Donald E. Scott – Electric Universe Theory    Ev Cochrane – Electric Universe Theory   Greg Moffet and the Worlds Great Alternative Thinkers     Dr. Peratt – Aurora-Petroglyph Connection and Plasma Universe       Ralph Juergens – Electric Sun           Halton Arp – Peculiar Galaxies and Intrinsic Redshift           The Emmanuel Velikovsky Encyclopedea
The Starburst Foundation       Dr. Paul Laviolette – Galactic Superwaves and Mass Extinction Events
Micheal Steinbacher     Electric Geology
Kongpop U-Yen       Sun-Earth Connection
Theoria Apophasis         Magnetism and the Angry Photographer
Mr2Tuff2        Electric Discharge Lab
Diveflyfish             Electric discharge Lab
Peter      Peter Thompson’s Electric Universe Theories – tornadoes, crustal displacement, lightning           James Hogan – Plasma and EU Theory               Plasma Universe Wikipedia               Plasma Cosmology Resource                       Comprehensive EU Resource and gEUlogy               Plasma Cosmology Resource
Cosmologyquest               Plasma Cosmology Resource
Randall Carlson        Sacred Geometry and Catastrophism
Dr. Robert Schoch      Geo-Archaeology
Rupert Sheldrake       Morphic Resonance, Consciousness
Graham Hancock        Pre-Deluvian Megaliths
Robert Bauval          Archaeo-Astronomy
Science Frontiers         Archive of Unusual Science
Catastrophism         Archive of Catastrophic Theories and Science
Society for Interdisciplinary Studies       Catastrophist Studies and Research
FloridaFusion           Truth will set you free – blogs by Whodunnit
NCGT Journal         New Concepts in Global Tectonics                  Science News
NASA                        Earth Observatory – Maps and Articles
InfoRapid                Paleo-Lightning Subject Map
Orion17                    Amazing Photography
Newearth               Megaliths and the Survivors Series
Ancient Trenches                    Megalithic Sites
Megalithic Portal                     Megalithic Sites
ThinkerThunker           Bigfoot Film Analysis
BFRO             Bigfoot Research and Reports
Rocky Mountain Bigfoot       Search for Evidence
Les Stroud        Outdoorsman and Survivalist
Greenwave2010fb      M K Davis Bigfoot Film Analysis

Past News

Hillary sports a new look…

HilljumpsuitNew York Times declares – “Orange is the presidential color for pantsuits!” Clinton aide and long time BFF, Huma Abedin said everyone knows the pantsuit is the essence of female power, “Orange just makes it pop, you know, I can’t wait to get mine.”

She didn’t have to wait long. After posing for a photo-op with FBI agents, they handed her a matching pantsuit to show their support.

The front-running progressive candidate added that the ensemble includes fancy bracelets, including a keen new ankle bracelet she vows will not come off if she is elected “to honor those who voted for me.” She also pledged to remain exclusively in the White House and wear the bracelet for at least five years, until a judge rules she can remove it. “It’s the new fashion rage for progressive women,” she said. “Stop shopping till you drop – just let the court decide.”

Hill4The Times also reported that prior to her donning the new “Leader of the Free World” pantsuit, the former First Lady and Secretary of State spoke about the flap over her husband, former President Bill Clinton, being compared to alleged rapist Bill Cosby. “How can they compare him to Cosby,” she said, “Cosby is black. Bill is a white guy only this big… if he stuck it somewhere nobody noticed… what difference at this point does it make?”

See The Truth about Hillary Clinton’s E-mail Controversy by Stefan Molyneux.

State Department rules, how she broke them and why it matters, by John Bolton.

Pantsuit on fire… Michael Armstrong

Update from Bill Blythe – brilliant…

Not trying to get political here…I just despise liars.

Christmas Toys…

Giant RC Airplanes…too big to go under the tree.

Motorcycles…amazing footage.

Supersports…evil beauties. I swear to f###ing God, a motorcycle will take you anywhere – in your head, I mean – or do you get it….

Too much fun to be legal…Police chasing dirt bikes.

Dating Methodology For Early Solar System Called Into Question…

Scientists have long used lunar Zircon crystals to estimate when the moon was formed, and when both the Earth and Moon were blasted with asteroids in a period known as the “late heavy bombardment.” Zircon crystals are dated by precisely measuring the lead isotope accumulation, which is caused by radioactive decay of uranium. The procedure has always considered an impact event to cause the zircon’s lead isotopes to be wiped away, thereby starting a new accumulation that provides a means to date the impact based on the half life of uranium. Studies of lunar Zircons using this procedure estimate the late heavy bombardment occurred between 3.9 to 4.3 billion years ago.

Now, a study of zircons from the Vredefort impact in South Africa, published in the journal Geology, casts doubt on the dating methodology. According to lead author Aaron Cavosie, a visiting professor of geoscience and member of the NASA Astrobiology Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the lunar Zircons used in previous studies were those collected by Apollo missions, and since they were removed from where they were gathered, it is impossible to tell if the crystal was affected by an impact and wiped clean, or not. The study found Zircons from Vredefort had been miss-dated by as much as a billion years.

Science marches on – always refuting earlier findings. Think about what consensus means in science, It really doesn’t have a place.

James Clerk Maxwell…The “Science Show” takes a look at the man who influenced Einstein.

We would be using whale oil to light our computer screens without Maxwell’s equations. This is a nice profile of the most significant genius in physics next to Newton.

In Einstein’s own words…Starburst Foundation.

10 thoughts on “THE DAILY PLASMA”

  1. Andrew,
    I just read a Radiometric Dating piece above. You said “…The study found Zircons from Vredefort had been miss-dated by as much as a billion years…” as a quote or near-so from Cavosie’s article. Even if this is so, and I don’t know if this is a chicken or egg situation, this simply places the zircon formation in the context of the Geology of the Vredefort region. I think the author from NASA is a bit over-dramatic in his assertions. Certainly his point is good as far as it goes – no problem.

    Ian Shears


  2. Hi Andy,
    I enjoy your work and lectures. I posted this on the Thunderbolts forum a few days back. I was wondering if you might be interested and able to offer some advice.

    Here is some of my correspondence to another researcher.

    I have been researching everything Velikovsky since the late 1980’s, and recently Jno Cook’s Saturnian Cosmology and related information.
    I was wondering if you would be able to assist me with a problem.
    Suppose there were geological features – lines – that ran perfectly east-west parallel to each other, and other lines that ran perfectly north-south, also parallel to each other and by default perpendicular to the east-west formations. These line formations, hypothetically, appear to be ‘pinched’ like one might pinch a line into existence with one’s thumb and forefinger over the surface of some modelling clay. They are subtle but undeniable and the total grid-like feature extends over hundreds of square kilometers.
    Nature does not normally make straight lines in the geological setting. Geological features are typically chaotic and jagged in appearance. These ‘pinched’ lines are not man-made. In an excavated cross section nearby one formation (not itself part of the grid-like formation), one can clearly see a magma core up-welling covered by a layer of baked clay, in other words, evidently not man-made. Mechanisms caused by magma, impact (comets, asteroids and meteorites, etc.), glacier and erosion, etc. would be discounted leaving only an electrical cause.
    Do you know any electrical or magnetic properties and/or mechanisms which could – hypothetically – account for such geological formations?
    If sometime during the catastrophic age Earth’s surface was struck by an interplanetary plasma discharge, would it be possible for that discharge to interact with Earth’s electromagnetic field and somehow cause an effect on Earth’s surface like I have described above? Something, maybe, like magnetic flux lines or magnetosonic waves being ‘pinched’ onto a given terrain during a high energy electrical event?

    and also

    Dear Mr. —-,

    First of all allow my to say how much I value your research and effort in sharing it through your written works. I stumbled on your Saturnian Cosmology last year and it has provided me with the framework to clear up and deepen my understanding of a great many topics. I would be understating it to say I was ecstatic when I found your information. Would it be too obvious to say it hit me like a bolt of lightning?

    As to your reply concerning my inquiry you indicated you have responded on other occasions to the same questions from people and they have gone on to create websites. Do you have any links to these websites? I would like to see if the geological formations they are observing have any similarity to the ones in my area.

    Over the years I have also extensively studied ley lines as well and agree with you as to the motivation people had back then to create these. I have dismissed the ley line possibility primarily because the formations I am exploring are not man-made. They are natural, again with the exception of being ‘too straight’.

    I am also familiar with formations left over from glaciers – eskers, moraines, drumlins – which we also have in our area. I have dismissed this as a possibility as well for a number of reasons – primarily these are not gravel ridges or deposits of any kind like that.

    In your response you mentioned ‘canals’. In my initial correspondence to Andrew I only mentioned ridges and ‘pinching’. I have not observed any canals or trenching. These ridges stop at the bank of a river, creek, stream or even rill and continue on at the other bank. Similar perhaps to some of Michael Steinbacher’s observations where he thinks the electricity ‘jumps over’ the water. In some locations, instead of a ridge, this effect may cut a steeper embankment into the side of a hill, for example, but there do not seem to be any grooves, trenches or canals per se. I am still exploring so I could quite possibly be wrong on that count.

    You mentioned that these east-west/north-south lines could possibly be lightning scars, but as very large arcs. I am still trying to understand the mechanism by which lightning would make such an effect on the earth’s surface that is so straight.

    Is Neil Thompson’s mechanism still under wraps? I would love to hear it.

    In the meantime, I will keep exploring these features and perhaps at some point I will gather enough data to make a presentation of some sort and perhaps after that someone may be able to table a theory for a mechanism.

    (There has been no more correspondence since then).

    I would like to add that I believe I have found those canal sites. Search ‘Atlantis canals’. The features on these sites are not similar to the ones I am exploring.
    Also, I might add that the lines which I am exploring are ‘dashed lines’ in that the geological formations are not necessarily continuous across the terrain.
    Also, these features are 25+/- yards across consistently and are located in North America. I haven’t looked on other continents. The may be there, too, – I don’t know either way at this point. Sorry I can’t be more specific about the location. To be honest I still don’t quite trust what I am seeing in the field and I would like to spent more time exploring before I disclose and make a proper fool out of myself -in the event I am wrong.

    In short, does Electric Universe/Electric Earth Geology theory, or any electric or magnetic mechanisms -theoretical or otherwise- predict or describe the geological features I have described above?
    Any help from anyone here on the forum would be appreciated!




    1. Terry,
      What you describe sounds like features I have seen in Utah, near Moab. The features near Moab look like giant pancake shaped rocks stuck sideways in the ground in linear patterns. What I see is the rocks are shaped by the electric field as it undulated with waves moving over the land. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are interference patterns in the rock grid you describe, where there are lanes with no rock, then lanes with rock. An electric field can segregate things into parallel lanes along it’s potential gradient, which can take the form of voltage steps across the dielectric material in between. Increasing the voltage gradient would pinch together the material between, forming lanes or ridge lines of rock..


    2. Hi Terry,
      Thanks for reading. I think the type of formation you describe may be the result of the electric field becoming so strong between earth and sky that it literally pulls matter up from the ground, creating the humps you describe. The linear cross-hatching is something I actually see quite often in dyke formations and quartz veins in the mountains, although at a smaller scale. There are many places where I find checkerboard lines across large expanses of rock. I attribute the cause to reflected shock waves reverberating in the rock as it is solidifying, or recombining. Shock waves, and reflected shock waves, will carry current. Because of the right hand rule, I think they induce current in a perpendicular path, and so wave sets orient themselves at ninety degrees to each other.
      I hope this helps, although, without seeing what you are describing, I’m not placing a high confidence level on my answer.


  3. Aw, this was an incredibly nice post. Taking a few minutes and actual
    effort to create a top notch article… but what can I say… I put things off a lot and
    never seem to get nearly anything done.


  4. One gram of caesium-137 has an activity of 3.215 terabecquerel (TBq).

    The Pacific Ocean is estimated to contain 187 quintillion gallons of water.

    It is (said to be) the most problematic of the short-to-medium-lifetime fission products because it easily moves and spreads in nature due to the high water solubility of caesium’s most common chemical compounds, which are salts. So if one gram of cesium 137 is dissolved in the entire Pacific Ocean, do you have a big problem?

    If so, your odds of encountering even one atom of this cesium 137 is 1.60427807e-8, less than 2 in a hundred million. This most certainly must be considered a low dose.

    Your odds of being struck by lightning this year are 1 in 960,000. In your lifetime those odds drop to about 1 in 12,000. Your odds of being struck by lightning twice in your lifetime are 1 in 9 million, which is still a higher chance than winning the Powerball.

    For USA and Canadian folk worried about the tiny amounts of bad isotopes floating in from the ocean.  It can barely be detected with leading edge instruments in North America.  It is harmless.  I heard recently that tuna contains 400% more radioactive cesium since Fukushima.  This is true but is not an issue since the natural levels of cesium can barely be measured.   Thus 400% greater than nothing is not worth worrying about.  The radioactivity of the natural radioactive potassium is 10,000 times higher than the cesium.

    Hormesis is the stimulation of any system by low doses of any agent. It is defined as the bio-positive response of something which is bio-negative in high doses[2]. Although the origin of hormesis hypothesis was from pharmacological studies, various studies have shown that there may be hormetic effects in low dose ionizing radiation. Although the belief of “No-Safe-Level” is still widespread, this acclaim is disproven by numerous positive biological effects of low dose ionizing radiation that are reported in hormetic or stimulatory models[3]. Recently, many scientists have clamored not to deprive people of bio-positive effects of low dose ionizing radiation and even proposed an annual single low dose ionizing radiation for everyone[4-7].

    In the 1960s, a group of French researchers showed that parasites, protozoa and bacteria which received ionizing radiation below the normal background level, had a reduced reproduction rate. Their study disclosed that ionizing radiation was essential for the survival of those microorganisms[8].

    In a research on mice, the incidence of leukemia, sarcoma and other cancers in irradiated mice with Cesium-137 at dose of 2.5-20 mSv was lower than the non-irradiated control group. The total number of malignancies in animals which were irradiated at dose of 10 mSv was approximately 30% lower than the non-irradiated group. Other studies also demonstrated the increased survival of irradiated animals at dose of 250-3000 mSv [9].

    Ionizing radiation and a complex of other DNA damaging factors such as UV rays, alkylating agents, oxidants and heat shock can induce responses in order to recompense the initial insult. The obtained results of expand international studies specified that when cells were exposed to low dose of ionizing radiation and other DNA damaging agents, they showed higher resistance to high dose of the same and in some cases similar factors[10].

    Adaptive response theory was reported for the first time in 1977 by Samson and Cairns. After discovery of this important phenomenon, it was determined that ionizing radiation could also induce this effect. In 1984, Olivieri et al. showed that exposure of human lymphocytes to labelled thymidine with tritium resulted in resistance against cellular damages due to high dose of X-rays. Their results known as “Radio-Adaptive Response” was very noteworthy since they represented that the radio-adaptive response reduced chromosomal aberrations in lymphocytes by roughly 50%[11].

    Till now, numerous reports on the possible mechanism of the occurrence of adaptive effects and its factors have been published all over the world. In Iran, Mortazavi et al. have published several reports about the importance of radio-adaptive response, its effect on protection against radiation, role of natural radiation in occurrence of this effect and especially the incidence of radio-adaptive response in residence of high natural radiation areas of Ramsar County, Mazandaran Province in Iran.

    Have no fear!


  5. Shame on you, Andrew for not doing a lot more research and understanding that this is a political ploy to scare the people of the world. Considering the quadrillions of gallons of water in the Pacific Ocean even Olympic-sized swimming pools of this stuff will not in any way affect human health. Andrew, please stop forwarding fear-mongering propaganda on your website. Thank you.


    1. Does that mean it’s still okay to eat sushi? I was dreading giving it up.
      Whether the Pacific is still safe to swim isn’t my issue. It’s the peoples need to know so they can decide for themselves. Fukushima melting down isn’t a propaganda ploy, it’s something that has been happening for seven years with no solution in sight. If it is an elaborate propaganda ploy, what would be the political point – just to scare people out of the water? I really don’t get it. I’m sure everyone is comforted knowing the radioactive fish they eat – which the food chain concentrates far above ambient water level – is healthy for them, but personally, I would prefer to get my dose of radiation from natural causes – not a man made fuck-up.


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