A. D. Hall and Kathy

A.D.Hall, born 1957 in Tucson, Arizona is the father of three beautiful children, grandfather of one, and lives with his partner Kathy and dog Ginger. “Lapse of Reason” is his debut novel.

I lived in California most of my life. I worked in Energy, from oilfields in Bakersfield to solar power in Silicon Valley. I’m back in Arizona now, following a passion to write and a determined avoidance of the corporate world.

I take the craft of writing seriously. I just don’t take myself too serious – that leads to bad writing. I want it to be as fun to read as it was to write. Now I work for myself, I write what I want and hope that you enjoy reading it.


15 thoughts on “About”

  1. I have been following your blog online, since finding you on thunderbolts.info

    I am onboard with your observations.

    I just sent you 2 emails to:


    I would be very interested in your take on that info.
    It’s satisfying finding someone with some common sense.


  2. My name is Stephen Tuck. I read your blog on Electric-Siberia. I would like to correspond with you privately. I don’t know how to say this in a believable way, but I have been working on ‘Unified Field Theory’ for the last decade of my life and I have achieved great-knowledge of what I call ‘Subspace Physics’ (the last unwritten chapter in Physics).

    From the information in your blog, I was able to see that the characteristics about the Patomskiy Crater match my own theoretical understanding of a device I am working to build and I have determined the purpose of its existence (which will affect the fate of mankind).

    I can explain a lot of the mysteries of the universe from knowledge that I learned from deriving and integrating the ‘Unified Field Equation.’ However, I don’t know how much mankind should know in regards to such knowledge.

    I enjoyed acquiring knowledge into the energy-mechanics of the universe, but knowledge can become a very-somber burden when you see what shall befall the fate of modern human-civilization.

    Like you, I admire Nikola Tesla and my knowledge has allowed me to figure-out the depth of his great accomplishments (like his ‘Magnifying Transmitter’).

    I felt compelled to write you because I feel I owe you a debt-of-gratitude for bringing this knowledge to my attention. Someone less-versed in ‘Subspace Physics’ would never have linked such peculiar-characteristics to a disruption in the Subspace-Field (created by the anomaly in the Patomskiy Crater).


  3. Hello Andrew Hall, I am following your work and find some correlation between my work can I please send you a few photos I made by a function thanks Liav


    1. Hey Dan,
      I haven’t read the whole article yet. Just the first paragraph, but upheaval dome is not from impact. I will give my explanation soon in an upcoming post. You can see it’s not impact just looking at it on Google Earth. It is clearly a feature connected to and associated with the river!


  4. Totally love your proto-book “Trailer Park Cosmology”. Only disappointment was only thirteen chapters were available…at least to me. I am aware of some of your other work and know the rest of the book will be great! Bring it on! BTW: Noticed only a couple typos that you likely already have fixed. Trust this finds you well, Win


  5. Hi Andy,

    Looks like your friend with the backhanded compliment, Mr. vcragain has his panties in a twist. You’re not following the Tbolts party line! You’re connecting too many dots too quickly!

    Nice to see you keeping up with your blog, look forward hopefully to more of your work being presented at Phoenix 2017. Dave, Susan and I are putting together the roster for Saturday, Aug. 19 Velikovsky Day. I will be giving a talk on Cultural Amnesia and related sociological theories based on earth catastrophes as seminal events in mankind’s history.

    I like your use of the term “Electric Earth Geology’ rather than E.U. Geology, for various reasons.

    Will you be at the April 2017 Albuquerque ‘Suspicious Observers’ conference? I will be there with my cinematography gear doing some interviews, same as I did with Dave, Wal, Jno and Julian last conference. Can I interview you?

    Better yet, how about an interview in the field, among the rock features? I have a 4×4 longbed truck with Lance camper and can go anywhere, will be on the mainland for most of April, I live on Kauai. I keep the truck in LA for now, will be driving from LA to Alb for the conference first week of April. Wifey is staying home. Want to join forces?

    We met briefly in Phoenix last year, hope you recall who I am.

    I couldn’t find a way to write you less publicly – you can write me through my contact page at planetamnesia.com

    Regards, Andrew


  6. I came here to find out just ‘WHO’ this person is – he suddenly started popping up in everything EU and with no background of anything that I could recognize. No-one seemed to know where he came from & why he was suddenly so prominent in EU ??? I felt annoyed. Well of course, he has ideas, lots of them, but it is problematic when somebody with ideas just spouts them as tho they are ACTUAL FACT ! If I read/heard him just once say ‘it is my opinion’ or ‘it seems to me’ then I would have a better feeling on this, but really he is not an ‘expert’ for what that is worth, he has ideas that could be reality, but please could you have a little humility & stop trying to drown out all other EU writers ! Andrew Hall you are very smart & creative, and what you are suggesting may well be correct, but please do not behave as tho what you are PROPOSING is automatically FACT ! That is called CONCEIT ! Thunderbolts has always maintained a healthy scientific caution on all it’s THEORIES, which only gives the field more credibility.
    Now I will go back to your contribution I was watching in Thunderbolts – having had my say.


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