The Daily Plasma welcomes you.

Our universe is filled with mystery. It’s as if there is another dimension to the Universe where things happen. We see the result, but not the cause. What is the essence of Nature that we don’t understand? What could bring such beauty, life and intelligence to emerge on a rock floating in space?

Science has not explained it. Philosophers have stopped trying. Religion stands in the middle; a belief with no tangible support. There is conflict between knowledge we are handed through culture and science, and what we feel inside – we know we are missing something.

The Daily Plasma isn’t so presumptuous to claim it knows the truth. The Daily Plasma is a project of discovery shared with the reader. It takes an off-road journey into investigations that yield answers through evidence, physics and natural philosophy.

Whether to agree is up to you. The Daily Plasma promise is to provide you with evidence for alternative explanations you won’t find in textbooks. It’s endeavor is to show how the evidence adds-up to a coherent picture that proves it’s case, with a clarity and wholeness missing from the patchwork picture we are taught to believe.

Here is a breakdown of what’s inside The Daily Plasma.

Electric Universe

Science tells us the Universe is a cold, dark expanse of matter. From nothing, a particle soup emerged – in a ‘bang’ – that coalesced into galaxies, stars, planets and people. In other words, it’s a miraculous event that has no physical explanation. Science removed God from the miracle, but the miracle remains.

Science also tells us 96% of it is composed of stuff we can’t see, detect, or comprehend. They say it’s there because it helps the math work. The math still doesn’t work, but they are close, they say – they just need a few more trillions of dollars to make it happen.

Electric Universe Theory is predicated on electricity being the real stuff of the Universe – no dark matter, or dark energy is involved. In the Electric Universe, the Cosmos is alive and interconnected. There is an ether of vibration, wave forms and frequency at the foundation of all being. And we are integral to it. Our very consciousness connects us. We are antennas in the Cosmic Field, vibrating in resonance with it.

To quote Nicola Tesla, the man called, ‘inventor of the twentieth century’: “My brain is only a receiver. In the universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength, inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.”

EU Theory is penetrating those secrets. The EU model explains more than physics. It brings into context the mysteries of our past with the mysteries of Nature, and seeks physical explanations for both. It does not separate science from what we feel inside, or from the experience of man’s journey through time as recorded by the ancients. It brings a coherent picture into view, and the view is profound.

The drop down menu for Electric Universe provides articles and videos from three publications:

  • The Daily Plasma original Electric Earth articles and videos,
  • ‘Thunderblog articles’ and ‘Space News’ videos published by Thunderbolts.info
  • EU Geology articles published at EUGeology.roks


Oh no! Another old, out-of-shape, white guy hunting Bigfoot. Just what the internet needs…

I can’t help it. I saw one. If you haven’t, I don’t blame you for being a skeptic. But see one of these things and it’s life changing. It will make you skeptical of everything else. It humbles you, and makes you doubt human intelligence to know hairy, eight-foot people are living in the forests and haven’t been noticed.

I have sufficient confirmation of their existence, having seen one, been screamed at, and chased from the woods. Truth is what The Daily Plasma pursues, so having profound truth in the matter, I have to weigh in and tell my experiences.


It means an assorted collection of unrelated things. A hodgepodge. The word comes from a French stew made with an assortment of unrelated things.

Some pieces were written for practice. Some are articles about something I like, or rants about something that crawled up my ass. Some are memories, and memorials for people in my life. You can think of this as the ‘lifestyle’ section of The Daily Plasma.


Lapse of Reason is a novel I wrote to practice writing. Before starting, I’d never written more than a thousand words of creative work. Hence the name, Lapse of Reason.

It was a terrific way to learn to write dialog, humor and suspense, and develop characters to kill off. I wrote things to make myself uncomfortable and get over the fear of writing. I accomplished well enough to keep going.

Lapse of Reason lacks much in a story, because I didn’t have one when I started. I let ersatz thoughts flow from chapter to chapter, and focused on skills and techniques. But that doesn’t mean it’s not entertaining.

It’s actually pretty funny. Buy it for the beach in the summer. Buy it for a friend. If you don’t want to read it, make someone else. Your purchase will help me write something really good.

Trailer Park Cosmology is the book I am currently writing. I post a chapter, or two as they are drafted. Then I move them to the Trailer Park Cosmology page under the Book menu, where the book is assembled. You can read the draft and make comment. Help me write a book that will sell.

It gives my perspective on the Electric Universe from the quiet neighborhood where I live. It’s non-fiction, but I’m sure there are people who’ll disagree with that. That’s okay. I doubt they’ll finish reading it. But if you do, I’ll reward you by taking the draft off-line before it’s finished, editing the hell out of it, and then make you buy the published version to see how it ends.

Don’t worry, I’ll make it worthwhile. Meanwhile, you can watch it develop and some of the incredible mistakes I make along the way. You also get first glance at the strange way I see reality.


This is the classified section. These are things I think are fun and would buy if I could. If you purchase any item through my links, you’ll be helping support The Daily Plasma.

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14 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. I read your article from 2016 on the “Leviathan” mentioned in the bible having an electrical nature and could not agree more with that thesis and all the evidence that points to it. But I do disagree with one statement you made at the end of that article, the part about us not having anything to feel guilty about. I don’t know if you have heard about Rene Girard and the work he did on the mimetic theory of culture and how all of human “civilization and culture” is based on a “founding murder” of a scapegoat. A murder which was carried out separately in cultures all over the world as a response to an intolerable build-up of frustrated mimetic desires among the members of each of these cultures. His book “Things Hidden From The Foundation Of The World” discusses this, and relates it to a much different view on the nature of the atonement that Jesus Christ provided. So, us humans really do have something to feel guilty about, but it is not among the list of “usual suspects” that people put forward. It is something that we have been blinded to and unaware of, and the gospels, when properly understood, reveal it and lay it out in the open. “The” sin of the world that Jesus came to take away (John 1:29) is the sin of using the murder of an innocent scapegoat in an attempt to provide a temporary relief from mimetic frustration.

    The mimetic nature of the “fall” is obvious in Genesis 3. The “nachash” (serpent) contradicts what God had said about dying being the result of eating the forbidden fruit and then he presents the fruit from the forbidden tree as something actually to be desired. Eve finds herself suddenly modeling this attitude and quickly goes from seeing the tree and its fruit as something to be afraid of even touching in Genesis 3:3, to seeing it in verse 6 as something to be DESIRED. Eve was enchanted by the nachash. “Enchanter” is the primary root word meaning of the Hebrew word nachash. The other meanings of nachash have to do with “shiny copper or brass”, and “a hissing sound”, hence its translation as “serpent” in Genesis 3. It is common for enchanters to use impressive, shiny objects and dramatic sounds like hissing in order to provoke the release of mood altering substances in their victims. Mankind was created with a mimetic nature so we could be an image (and hence an imitator) of God (Genesis 2:26-27). Whether the nachash getting into the garden was the result of Adam failing to “keep” the garden as he was instructed in Genesis 2:15 (the Hebrew word does not mean to “tend”, as in tending a garden. It means to protect something from a threat by placing a hedge of thorns around it) or whether the nachash was meant to be there, in any case Eve was enchanted by the nachash and esteemed him enough to imitate the desire for the fruit that he modeled to her. She also imitated the antagonistic attitude that the nachash displayed towards God, which portrayed God as being antagonistic towards mankind becoming too much like Himself. As a result, down through history, when disasters strike, it is a universal habit of people to blame it on God being angry at them over something.

    The good news is that mimetics, in theory CAN work in a positive way towards good, but in the presence of any ego at all, it is extremely hard to keep it from snowballing into a kind of competition to be more “good” than others. The existence of evil, and even any slight memory of it, can make it hard to see how it can ever be prevented from ruining good things. But then I also sometimes wonder whether the electric force has played a role in mankind’s spiritual, psychological, and social problems, and whether that same force will also play a role in the eventual cure to all of those problems, as promised in the bible. (I believe that reason, logic and the bible when rightly translated and interpreted, all point to the universal salvation of all mankind) Humans that find themselves in abnormal electrical environments undergo a change of consciousness, so it is conceivable that there exists an optimal electrical environment that we are not currently living in, one that could result in a realistic utopia. Some bible scholars believe that the visions seen by ancient prophets ( like the one seen by Ezekiel) were the result of a person with a high level of sensitivity being in an area where there was an unusual change in the electrical field. I watched a video once that talked about a magnetic “excursion” of the north magnetic pole southward during the time that Ezekiel was alive which could have resulted in the “northern lights” showing up as far south as Mt. Tsaphon north of Turkey, with cultures from the Greeks as far south as Babylon attributing the sight to the ‘gods’ meeting behind the mountains.

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    1. Thanks Chris. I have learned quite a bit more about electrical forces in nature since writing Leviathan. If I re-wrote it, I could tell more about the science. I am quit sure many biblical visions were, in fact, actual sightings of plasma events – aurora, storms and other atmospheric phenomena associated with them. I strongly suspect the electrical environment in those times was a higher frequency, higher potential environment which may have caused few things that are recurring themes throughout the Bible and mythologies.
      One, it may have stimulated production of DMT and other mind altering (or enhancing) compounds that enhanced senses and perception. An amplified “sixth sense” that opens our receptors to signals we now ignore (most people).
      Two, it caused people to revere and worship earthly forces (the weather) out of fear, and turn away from faith in the heavenly God. This deception about cause and effect resulted in giving the false god what they perceived he wanted – death and blood sacrifice. Hence, we have guilt, lies and evil.
      Three, the higher potential environment caused spontaneous birth… also called immaculate conception. Spontaneous birth happens today very rarely, but a higher potential environment could stimulate it. Babies born of spontaneous birth often suffer dwarfism and giantism. Hence, there were demigods in human form birthed by conception between women and “gods”. Think elongated skulls and Goliath.
      I am a Christian and believe in God. I believe in the heavenly Father – the Alpha and Omega of all energy, of all bandwidth in the cosmos, and hence all information in the cosmos. He is our operating system – the sheet music to which we play. Any deviation to his harmony fouls the tune – destructive interference.
      Compared to what you have written, I see many parallels. God Bless.


  2. Andy,

    Thank you for the boggling!
    Thank You for reminding me of the High Uintas in your video. And of a mystical experience of this place.
    1000 Lakes above 10,000 feet, backed by half-mile cliffs. Garden like landscape.
    (see: Google Earth – click on some blue dots in the Uintas, Amethyst Basin perhaps)
    A geologic loop drive with placards at various layers. One curled back like a cresting wave.

    Heaven on Earth, but you hafta walk in a long damn way and take food. Wait for the Perseids to kill the mosquitoes… August 12-ish, temperatures ALWAYS drop to the low teens. Indian Summer in the high lakes thereafter until Labor Day snows. Pleasant and bug free.
    Best places on Earth… the Grimm brothers themselves said “Sleeping Beauty” and “Snow White” we’re 2 facets of the same story… one generation after Maunders Minimum. THIS is the beauty asleep under snow for 100 years.

    POINT of this letter involves the geology and a revelation.
    To wit:
    Wholly unaware of the High Uintas until a job prospect 30 days hence at Evanston, WY made me distressed… should I go. “What am I getting into?” I prayed and fell asleep.
    A series of visions followed.
    … A snowy mountain range hovering in the sky supported by a diffuse vague blob… turning I see a grassy valley and from the side, boulders of all sizes bounding steeply toward this floor… turning again I see the snowcaps at the horizon this time & several more features, events, sounds, and finally puffs of dark smoke wafting past.

    30 days later on a highway job, in a remote valley facing the High Uintas in springtime…
    That Puff of char from a bulldozer exhaust wafted between me and my view of the Uintas – BAM – everything synced. I had been shown this place & a spiff of insight.

    Planet Krypton breaking apart is what the Uintas rise was like. Primordial pure quartz thrusting up miles high and crumbling. BAM, Done.

    Andrew, may I pose a query to you about storm genesis?
    I saw something across a Florida afternoon that vexes me. Intense, in a word. 8 people died in the ensuing storm in Alabama the next day

    Began with an odd wispy gray edgeless cloud which remained stationary all afternoon. South end of the bombing range, Ocala N.F. long ago. Call it witches hair, this gray blob in a sunny sky had a concave bottom, feathery sides . Splendid Florida sky with the usual small cumulus pillows here and there, soon a cadre of white puffs adjacent to this blob became evident.
    (Sitting on a stump at the remains of Big Bass Lake, a pond, enjoying fine weather and a hit of blotted… as the afternoon rolled on in fascination, eyes returning for snapshots of the changing cloudscape)
    Rows of uniform sized cylindrical clouds grew from that hub ring of white bright hard-edged cumulus surrounding the concave blob, stationary.

    Ridiculously tall narrow straight-sided cumulus pillars arose perfectly adjacent as though touching yet not touching. Rumpled a bit but chimney like uniformity, all of the same diameter, and in rows of a slight curve. 5, 6, 7 × taller than wide. Stepped shorter and shorter to the extremity of the line.

    Eventually a thin gray sheet began to extend from center obscuring the # of radial arms, until I saw only the 2 reaching for each coast east and west combined into a slight “S” curve through the hub.

    Flash to the horizons… grey film obscured the cloud bottoms and the concave hub took off toward Alabama slowly.

    Epic Storm as I sat like a fool in a tent between the stumps of metal anchor posts of a destroyed firewatch station at the highest place around, the lightning began.
    And did not stop!
    Horrified waiting for the bolt.
    Action all in the eastern arm, barely bypassing me as it moved NW.

    Can you explain these rows, the blob, and while at it… how the double layer gets pinched at the Hurricanes Eye, and can we synthesis that action over the great basin.

    Would it help if I tell you about watching 4 spiraling corkscrews of electric blue crawl across the surface of a solitary cloud horizontally, in tandem, in a clear sky… sometime?

    There was also once a spinning “cup” of water risen up from the surface of a pond beside me. 4″×4″or so. Slushing sound as droplets spit out from the rim as it whirled. Inside walls straight, outside wall flaring parabolically a bit to maybe 3/4″. Bottom inside, flat is my impression.
    I stepped toward it & it moved toward me. Turning to leave quick as I could, it veered out toward deep water and slumped in ripple line like the wake of a big fish.
    Something was there for several days trying to show me how ufos worked. A presence over this swimming pond. Palpable.
    (Remote Florida pond, hey remind me to tell you about the spring pond that feels like a drug on your face while swimming… Everytime! No place like it, and I swim everywhere. Ponce DeLeon would be proud, this IS rejuvenating)
    Next day a fella walks through (few ever, and IF then its a yokel) but this guy is normal and we talk and I mentioned sensing the presence and said it was like receiving a message I could not grasp… Before I could elaborate… he says, “they’re trying to teach you how ufos fly aren’t they?” “Its manipulating surface charges”.
    Never saw him again.

    Yes, this is a cry for help. Had other encounters as well and it kinda ruins me for the work-a-day world.

    Maybe not post this in its entirety? I didn’t know how to reach you otherwise.


    1. The wispy gray stationary cloud is what I call a “growler”. If it’s right overhead, you might hear it snapping and crackling with internal lightning. It is a meso-cyclone forming and intensifying it’s ionization. The pillar like clouds are dipolar connections to upper atmosphere. These will begin to rotate, draw cumulus to it in a torus and form a thunderhead. I wrote about this in one of the Eye of the Storm articles last year.


  3. Hi Andy, I don’t know if you have seen any of Antonio Zamora’s work on the Carolina Bays and the Younger Dryas Boundary event. His theory is that a comet struck the ice cap at Saginaw bay in the Great Lakes, and blasted gigantic ice boulders into suborbital arcs, and hit the Carolinas and Nebraska. ( and presumably in a circular impact zone with much ice falling into the Artic Ocean as well, the freshwater ice collapsing the Beaufort gyre, and dropping the planetary temperature for a thousand years) When he (and others) mapped the axes of the elliptical bays, and allowed for the Coriolis effect they targeted Saginaw Bay. But no crater is to be found. There is a circular depression under Lake Michigan, but that’s all. Watching your video on the Tunguska and the Chelyabinsk events – it makes sense a large meteor exploded over Saginaw bay and the shock waves from the explosion blew the ice into the sub orbital trajectories, resulting in the bays when they hit soft ground. Here’s a link to one of his videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npXY8mu2hhU
    Love your videos – they make a lot of sense.



  4. Dear Andrew, I have just watched your fascinating presentation on YouTube EU2017 Pheonix, which ends on a tantalising point referring to the meaning of images etched in the Gobekli Tepe stones. I have left a smiler comment to this one, on the video, but am not sure if you would see it.
    Can you relate these to the “Pictish stones” in the Scottish Isles (also mentioned by D.S. Allan and J.B. Delair in their groundbreaking book, “When the Earth nearly Died” published in 1995, on the BC9500 cataclysm) which have been interpreted as memorials of human battles, but which rather clearly seem to depict in layers from the ground up to the sky and the higher cosmos, the terrifying and amazing sight of impending disasters that brought one “age” to an end (and which according to Allan and Delair were in fact the CAUSE of the Stone Age) ?
    The Aberlemno stone, the Nigg stone, St Orlands stone, the Shandwick or Clach a’ Charridh stone, in my mind – and I think in that of Allan and Delair also – all clearly show celestial events such as catastrophic lightning strikes, hurricanes and people desperately fleeing to the sound of airborne trumpets…
    As Allan and Delair so convincingly argue, the catastrophe with its pestilential clouds and rocks petrified by electrolysis, fire storm, bombardment and hellish boiling seas followed by freeze, wholesale collapse and the almost total extinction of flora and fauna, everywhere, brought a destructive end to the Earth that was nearly terminal, and ushered in the Stone Age. These events seem to be depicted in the stones mentioned above, just as in the Gobekli Tepe ones.
    If you don’t know it, “When the Earth nearly Died” was published in the States as “Cataclysm”. I have followed Wall Thornhill and Dave Talbott and others ever since seeing the video, “Symbols of an Alien Sky”, years ago and before that, reading The Saturn Myth in the 1980s when I first came across Velikovsky’s works.
    I would be very interested to know if you too see a connection to these cosmic events recorded in the stones mentioned above.

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  5. The sample is fantastic!! Read it in about 30 minutes!! The details are so succinct that you feel you are right there with Ian! Can’t wait to read the rest of it!!


      1. Credit where it’s due Judy. Ginger is the thought provoking outsider – she can’t say more than pirate words, aye-aye and arghh-arghh, and uses body language, so she must be very concise and precise. She also has zero imagination. That’s why she’s a good editor.


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