Science, Fiction and the Borderlands of each are the themes of this website.

The science is real, but different than you’ve been told.

Many assumptions at the heart of mainstream science are wrong, and the conclusions they draw and teach in our schools are also wrong.

The universe is not made of Black Holes, Dark Matter and Dark Energy. These are fictions the cosmologists have led themselves to believe and want – no, insist – that you believe, too. These are things their mathematics tell them exist, but they haven’t a shred of true evidence that can’t be explained more simply by other means.

And that is what I want to discuss and bring to light for you. Some theories might not turn out to be true, but it is turning our eyes away from an open-minded look that keeps us in the dark.

‘Science’ will discuss these issues and provide information where you can learn more.

This category will examine findings in science. Especially the Electric Universe Theory and the ground breaking results it is obtaining, the predictions it is making that are being proven in the lab, and in the evidence we see in probes to comets, planets and moons in our solar system.

EU Theory is not only providing insights into the universe we live in. It is providing insights to the history of mankind. You will be astonished when you learn. And you will see the beauty and elegance of the universe and our place in it with fresh eyes. It is possible to finally comprehend. The mysteries are being solved.

That’s a bold claim I know, but scientists around the world are beginning to see the validity of the theory through the accuracy of its predictions and the resilience of its experimental results.

You can too. It is accessible and I’m here to help. Be a part of seeing the world change. Be a part of making the world change. We can shatter old paradigms and begin to learn. We do not have to die ignorant.

‘Borderlands’ will examine theory and evidence that is still on the fence.

This category will consider esoteric mysteries we still do not have a good understanding of.

One is the study of consciousness – what the hell is it? Nobody has a clue, but there are all kinds of interesting things being learned and theorized.

What were the ancients doing with all those big rocks? If they needed to just mark where the sun came up at a certain time so they knew when to plant and harvest, why didn’t they just poke a big stick in the ground? There is something we are missing.

Where is Bigfoot? Is it the most witnessed fantasy in history, or the most ignored endangered species in the world? There is real evidence out there. There is a lot of BS, too. I’ll try to ignore the BS and examine what truth can be teased out.

So many questions. I am not here to debunk. I see very few self-proclaimed skeptics who actually debunk anything. They simply claim, “It ain’t science, so you’re stupid.” They never actually present any science. There has to be something we’ve been missing, because we never get a satisfying answer.

Fiction is a category for my own fiction writing.

I am a novelist with one book on the shelf.


I am writing a second novel and intend to preview chapters. I will also post other stuff that comes out of my keyboard. I like to try new voices and techniques. I also try to be funny. I hope you will find this a treat and give your honest feedback.

Writing books is very hard and isolating. Writers are invited to critique and suggest, or trade late night binge writing stories any time. We need to support each other.

But first go buy my book, “Lapse of Reason” and we can get off to a good start.

Newcover“Lapse of Reason” is my debut novel. It is a humorous mash-up of adventure, sex and psychological suspense about a man who tries to take a fork in the road and lands in the rough, dragging his friends with him.

The post, ‘Ginger’s Choice…’ is a sample chapter from “Lapse of Reason” chosen by the editor to give you a flavor of the book. She says it’s as good as cheese. It’s also ‘G’ rated – the sample, not the book.  The book is available from Smashwords, or any of the booksellers shown in the hyperlinks below. Just click and it will take you there. My Smashwords author page includes an interview, so please visit.

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cropped-img_1705.jpgThis, by the way is the editor, Ginger. If you like our site, please “Like” us, “Follow” us, or critique me – not the editor – she’ll get upset. Your comments are welcome. If you read my ebook, I also encourage you to rate and comment at your Bookseller’s site, as ratings there will help elevate its visibility – assuming they’re good ones. If their bad…tell the editor.

7 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. The sample is fantastic!! Read it in about 30 minutes!! The details are so succinct that you feel you are right there with Ian! Can’t wait to read the rest of it!!


      1. Credit where it’s due Judy. Ginger is the thought provoking outsider – she can’t say more than pirate words, aye-aye and arghh-arghh, and uses body language, so she must be very concise and precise. She also has zero imagination. That’s why she’s a good editor.


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