“Lapse of Reason”

http://cache.smashwire.com/bookCovers/919117cb8211f407856e2cf66247d166b56e4d0fOne would expect to remember cold blooded murder, but when the consequences are inconvenient, it’s easy to forget. Ian Stewart did. But that didn’t stop bad things from happening. He just stopped noticing. “Lapse of Reason” is a mature, humorous adventure about someone who tried to take a fork in the road, and ran off a cliff.

Out of work and glum, Ian takes a psychedelic mushroom in a thunderstorm, and it changes his life. It’s not all happiness and love, though. He takes a dark turn, and drags his friends into a hell-storm of consequences he blithely ignores.

As luck would have it, he knows just the Psychiatrist to help, but her mental state is no better than his. His friends would help, but he doesn’t listen to them anymore. And the new friend in his head can’t be ignored, nor its twisted, sadistic and horny impulses. So what to do? Just go with it, man! Fate will work it out.

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