Month: February 2022

The Holy Trinity: Energy, Information and Truth

Call it the Trinity of Natural Philosophy if you like, not to confuse with the spiritual. But it is one and the same, in the end, because it is all one circuit. The Holy Trinity is Energy, Information and Truth. That is what physics comes down to.

Fundamentally, energy is the thing physics examines. We examine it, fundamentally, by understanding the information carried in its amplitudes and wavelengths. One could say, energy, and it’s transmission in analog wave-forms constitutes information – or energy equals information – full stop. And finally, there is only one true interpretation of the waveforms. We call that the Truth.

Hence, Energy motivates, waveforms transmit as Information, and Truth is the hoped-for consequence – the Holy Trinity of physics. That’s one meaning anyway. The other meaning is God, and the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And as I said, they are one and the same. So let’s not beat around the burning bush, this essay is a proof of God – and physics.

There is a silent axiom to Electric Universe cosmology. That is, that the cosmos, in it’s entirety, and in it’s every part, is a circuit. We say “everything is electric”, but what that intrinsically means is that “everything is a circuit”, because one is the other. And one can readily relate at any scale, such as the fact that we humans are a complex, biological network of electric circuits that act and think as independent entities; or that a thunderstorm is an electric circuit; that the actions of energy at the quantum level display the “interconnectedness” of circuitry; same thing at the scale of the Solar System, the galaxies, the cosmos – circuits nested within circuits.

These self-similar patterns go on, right into the rocks of Earth, because the sub-atomic particles that form the atoms that form the crystals in rocks, like all matter, is made of standing waves of energy. The irreducible “particle” is not a product of “duality”, but of one thing: energy, trapped in a 3-dimensional circuit we call a plasmoid. The illusion of matter is a standing wave of energy, trapped by capacitance in a circuit. E=Mc2. Stop the energy in a standing wave and you get matter. It’s a phase change. Matter emerges from energy. It’s “condensed” energy created by capacitance in the circuit. This is just physics, folks.

Capacitance generates an electric field in opposition to the circuit it’s in, and interrupts the flow of energy, making a standing wave of energy. A plasmoid is a whirling dervish of energy, but it cocoons inside it’s own magnetic field, and shelters like a snail inside shells of spherical capacitance. It’s an electric bubble with a skin of capacitance and looping, magnetic braids of hair. Like a bubble in the wind, or a snail in the sea, it is in constant feedback with it’s surroundings.

It has it’s own internal electric field encapsulated within its spherical capacitance, which resonates with the ambient electric field. It is, in electrical terms, called an electret. An electret inducts energy from it’s surroundings with it’s magnetic field, stores it and sends it back in an open circuit fashion, the spherical capacitance being the means of storage. Hence, it is both an independent circuit of standing waves (a particle) and part of an ambient, or parent circuit that is in constant feedback with it, because it’s a part of the parent waveform, like a baby in a womb, a bubble in the wind, or a snail in the sea.

A circuit is an entity whos actions remain coherent with the energy of its parent circuit. Like Escher’s picture of the hands drawing hands, the actions of one influences outcomes in the other. Every circuit is fed energy from the parent circuit, does work for the parent circuit, and what energy it loses to entropy is re-organized in the parent circuit.

It has mass due to the dielectric energy trapped in spherical capacitance, and hence cannot exceed the speed of light. But energy can. And the energy of the plasmoid always resonates with the energy that created it, because it retains that sheet music of frequencies. It always echoes it’s parent’s energy. We call that quantum entanglement; interconnectedness; spooky action at a distance; “as above, so below”; the metaphysical, or if you don’t understand it, duality.

Circuits are why we see repeating self-similar patterns everywhere in Nature. Because circuits in Nature self-organize in fractal patterns of magnetic and electric induction as the flow of energy tries to balance itself with changing electromagnetic fields. The polarizing forces of electricity and time dependent, feedback-inducing magnetism play the same games again and again, like football players with a set piece of plays. They may switch-up the order of play, advance the ball in one instance, lose the ball to the opposition in another, but the motion of the players running set plays with the same boundary conditions, regardless of order or the other team’s feedback, over time begins repeating similar patterns.

The patterns are governed by the mathematical rules of dipoles, phase angles and frequency, yielding such “mysteries” as finding the golden ratio everywhere in Nature. Granted, much feedback, noise and destructive interference confuses the signal and results in chaos, which can’t be called simple. It’s only simple if you stay focused on root cause, and you ask questions pertinent to the truth.

Fractals are not just three dimensional geometries. They unfold over time, and so, are four dimensional “space-time” topographies. That is why history seems to repeat itself. It is why we are all OCD to some degree.

Besides being fractal, circuits think. Circuits cycle, they switch current paths, change frequency, amplify, cancel, resonate, calculate – not of their own accord, but in feedback with their environment. They receive and transmit with the bigger circuit they reside in. There is always the bigger circuit. It does not control, but influences, as does any circuit feedback.

We are such bubbles of circuitry. Bundles of organic matter pulsed with plasma and electric impulses. Our complex collection of cells, gut flora, and structured fluids are, in fact, a bundled harmony in constant feedback with the environment. My daily melancholy rises with every sunset, amplifies on Sunday, and peaks in the winter. Mountains are mournful, deserts are dreamy, I am puny in the face of a storm and deep water is terrifying. Synchronicities fill my life. There are no coincidences. What are these moods? Why does this happen?

Let me give you a hint: it’s not because of gravity. We are intimately, and sensitively interconnected to all around us. Unfortunately, many people limit their senses to the ones consensus science tells them to use. We have capabilities to sense beyond those recognized by the consensus. Our entire bodies are antennas to the frequencies around us, regardless of whether we are conscious of them or not. One can acquire better awareness. Considering all the frequencies in the cosmic bandwidth, and all the possible harmonies that could result, it boggles the mind what intelligence must reside around us.

Energy is what motivates. It travels in frequencies and amplitudes. Frequency and amplitude is raw information at it’s fundamental, irreducible level. Therefore it is the irreducible Truth. Knowing the Truth is the consequence of resonating with the cosmos and comprehending. That, and only that signal is the whole truth, any other signal is disinformation. Hence, there is only one truthful signal, and that is direct from the parent circuit.

There can be only one complete circuit that includes all circuits, that encompasses all energy, time and space, and knows the conduct of every minor circuit loop within it. Call it what you want, but God works for me.

That is why one can only know God in a personal way, where you speak directly with Him. No priest, pastor or Angel, let alone scientist, politician, or media can do it for you; they can only pollute His message. God is the Cosmic waveform that we are in feedback with. He is the Alpha and Omega, beginning to end, the entire circuit and all energy that suffuses the space and time it encompasses. You are either receiving and transmitting in constructive resonance, or you’re not.

It really breaks-down the whole cosmos to a black and white contrast between good and evil. Your transmissions create either constructive, or destructive interference that amplifies the cosmic waveform, or defies it. No one ever gets it perfect. You always have the opportunity to try.

This is why Truth is Devine. Finding the truth, about anything, is to do God’s work. To relentlessly pursue truth for the sake of truth is to follow God’s path. This I know, having fallen-off path a few times.

They say God is love, but there is no true love without truth. Respect for the truth is the essence of love and empathy for your fellow man, your society and yourself. And therein you find God. It is true He is love, because love is truth.

That is the Trinity. God is Energy, Information is the Holy Spirit that informs our path through life, and Truth is Christ, the human embodiment of unflinching truthfulness in the face of constant evil – the Satan of deceit. Christ is God’s model for us to follow. Energy = Information = Truth, the Holy Trinity. I hope that clears things up.

This comes to me because of my father. I was pondering his death, which occurred many years ago, and how my Mother had concern over his salvation. Dad never shadowed the doorway of a church, except for funerals and weddings. He did not worship. In spite of my Mother’s strong Southern Baptist beliefs, my father, like myself at that time, was agnostic. So, I know it wasn’t that he was an atheist, he just didn’t feel he had enough information.

As my knowledge has grown, my mother’s wisdom has caught up to me. This caused me to wonder if my fathers doubts about cosmic provenance might impede his ascendance to the higher networks of nested circuitry. I realized that it could not, because my father had faith in truth, above all else. He may not have lived to learn the ugly truths we are learning now, but his pursuit of truth was sure. Faith in truth is faith in God. If one knows God, one recognizes the truth.

Faith isn’t a matter of convincing yourself to believe something. It’s coming to the truth, about yourself, what you’ve done, or not done, and making a commitment to follow the truth, and take responsibility for it like a human being, not a slinking alley-cat. Belief comes from knowing your energy is devoted to the path of truth. That path, and that path alone will reward the follower with eternal life. Anything else leads to eternity in a labyrinthine cul-de-sac of deceit.

Atheist’s ask why we believe, but they don’t question why they doubt. It’s because they just can’t handle the truth.