Writer’s Block

As a personal note to my readers:

I have had plenty of time to write over the last six months. No excuse, my discipline fell apart, my interests diverted away, and I am still struggling to return. I feel I should give you the anatomy of my writer’s block so you will understand. Your trust in my ideas begins with trusting me.

Beginning in November I sank into the rabbit hole known as Q-anon. If you know what that is, I need say no more, and if you don’t, there is no point trying to explain. It’s something you need to discover for yourself. I can only speak to those who know.

As we watched the week of BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM unfold, I feel I spent the time well following all things Q instead of writing. After all, my writing is about this Earth, so I must pay attention to what is happening now, as much as to what may have shaped the Earth long (or not so long) ago. It is all connected.

Every night I look at Saturn. It’s especially bright in the sky, at opposition to the Sun. I can see a moon, it must be Titan, clearly with the naked eye. It’s orbit brings it between the five o’clock and seven o’clock position every night, like the pendulum of a clock: Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock.

As I write, I listen to AG Jeff Sessions announce a zero tolerance policy on illegal immigration. Hardly a minor thing, but ignored by mainstream media. It’s the law of the nation, and is finally being respected and enforced. That is the job of the chief executive office. Thank God someone is doing their job. If you lived near the border that I do, you would too.

The world is changing NOW. As I write, a little bit of world peace is being restored in Singapore. As I write, a war is being waged and won, by the good guys. Corruption is being routed, and dishonesty is being exposed.

The balance between good and evil just shifted beneath our feet. The materialism and relativism of the last age is yielding to monotheism, and truth. The day the meek prevail – those of inner strength and quite ways – has come, led by the biggest bombast (and most sincere person) of the century. How ironic, yet appropriate.

I’ve been focused on the events unfolding, because they will lead to many true things coming to  light. The awakening will eventually get to science.

This last week, Anthony Bourdain died. I do not believe it was suicide. I do not believe anyone, let alone a dozen, or so celebrities, can hang themselves from doorknobs. I don’t pay much attention to celebrities, but Bourdain was an honest man. Honest to himself, which was evident in his writing.  His life needn’t have finished. I think he died for the truth. In that way, he reminds me of my brother Don.

In February, my brother died. Don was seventy-two. He died of heart failure in his sleep. A peaceful passing, but far too soon. The effect on me was like no other. I mourned my mother, and my brother Jim, as well as my cousins, and Aunt and Uncle – all who have died in the past two years. That grief I coped with differently.

It was a shock to everyone who  knew him. Don was a person who respected everyone, and that respect reflected on him with the amplified effect of our own distorted lenses. We all have faults Don didn’t have. He was something of an archetype to the family and those who knew him. The square-jawed Marine pilot. The confident Airline Captain. The person who would stop to give you aid if you were stranded on the roadside. I’ve seen him do that many times. Unlike many, he could be depended on.

Not that he was Jesus, but he was certainly different. This is not a eulogy for Don, however. I cannot yet bring myself to write one. Don’s influence on me, and the influence of his death, is all part of the change. One can’t be “red pilled” by externalities only. One must red-pill yourself inside. Don’s passing laid bare my dependence on him. It laid bare the contrast between us. The consequence is to recognize my own faults and manipulations, moral turpitude, and callous cowardice in the process.

I’m not sure I’ll be a better person, but I’m more aware of when I’m a shit. Maybe it will help.

As it relates to the Electric Universe, my stall-out writing Trailer Park Cosmology, Thunderblogs, climbing triangular buttresses, hunting Bigfoot and answering the many comments and emails from readers, I hope you will stay with me and understand I have much, much more to say. My hiatus was a needed black-out to get my own house in order – literally, since I’ve had to physically move residence.

Now that the dam is breaking. Now that change has begun, I feel so much better. I’ve been growing my hair for five months. It’s time for a ridiculous haircut. Look forward to more posts soon.

Thank you.

11 thoughts on “Writer’s Block”

  1. Sorry to read of your loss. My recent rabbit hole has been the EU/Plasma Universe including your extraordinary work, along with Malaga Bay & Louis Hissink for example.
    I have no knowledge of the Q-Anon phenomenon, but there are plenty of rabbit holes inferring secret cabals, paedophilia & deep state that I have peeped down.
    With the greatest of respect, I suspect the is a canyon like gulf in our world view.
    From my perspective, the US has been on a decline since the Reagan era & no amount of Trumpian rhetoric is going to MAGA. In its relentless march, Reaganite/Thatcherite social policy has manifested in Australia, where I live, as a dismantling of universal health care, the hollowing out of an effective public service, the outsourcing of the welfare system to the meanest of operatives. It is also responsible for the destruction of collective representation, leaving the individual at the mercy of a totally self interested corporate world.
    These are interesting times & after years in the Metaphysical rabbit hole, I am so glad to able to knit it & the EU theory together.
    In your post, ‘The Paradigm Shift’ you allude to a spiritual awakening. Australian society, pre 1975, was renowned for mateship, a ‘fair go’ & a cynical attitude to authority. Sadly, I see none of it today.


  2. I really respect all of your writing, However, can understand your need to step back and go inside. My brother and father died within 6 months of one another, that was 28 years ago, but I can still recollect the numbing grief it brought and the need to look at my own life in a very different way. The great thing is that I can now look back and see those dark days as a huge turning point for me and I was never the same person again.. It hurt like hell but brought something much greater than I could ever have expected. Good luck to you as you start to pick up the pieces of the new you which is birthing itself.
    Blessings Annie


  3. Thank you.The way I see it you spent the last six months being human. Isn’t that one of the first duties of every honorable job description? I always wanted a big brother. I’m 80 and I still do. I’m sorry your brother died. I used to think that 72 was old. It isn’t.

    We are all struggling. The older I get the more I feel, the more I care, the more baffled I am by the stupidity of humanity.

    I deeply respect you both as a natural philosopher and a person. It would be unreasonable of your readers to expect an endless stream of work of the quality that you produce. I had no idea of the potential power of the blog until I started following you and the thunderbolts project. So, thanks for inspiring me to start my own blog.

    As usual you’ve given me much food for thought… And research. How like a sponge. We soak up information and wring it out of ourselves in our writing. Then we are dry. Wrung out. Take a nap or 6 months or 6 years to light off again. No rules. Good workIt takes a while for the juice to build back up again for me.


  4. So you’ve been following too? Got another noteable on the board today !


    On Mon, Jun 18, 2018 at 6:08 PM, The Daily Plasma wrote:

    > A. D. HALL posted: “As a personal note to my readers: I have had plenty of > time to write over the last six months. No excuse, my discipline fell > apart, my interests diverted away, and I am still struggling to return. I > feel I should give you the anatomy of my writer’s block ” >

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  5. We’re fortunate to read whatever you write whenever you write it. I’ve been experiencing my own block and feel I have to send a newsletter today, if not two hours ago, or two months ago. Every time I do pull out of depression long enough to do this work, the response of the readers has been positive and helpful. This isn’t about me, I know, but I know me and me thinks he feels akin to how you might. I’m trying to run a business started by a woman I looked up to, a beloved programmer and writer, who died some years ago. I can never live up to my image of her value, and even though her readers don’t expect me to, it still weighs on me. Your writing about EU geology has opened my eyes and that eye opening is valuable to me. Just yesterday I pointed out those ideas and your work in support of them to someone else. Excellent work!


    1. Bless you. I don’t feel depressed. I feel numbed. Simply numbed. There is no good without a contrast to bad. Numbness leads to depression in absence of a positive influence. So I’m actually feeling kinda good right now. I hope you too.


    2. Thank you Joe. We have lots of work to do. It’s a burden to overcome conventional wisdom, when real wisdom stares you in the face, but no one else see’s it.


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