Three Days of Darkness

Will the internet go down? Will that obnoxious black rectangle in your pocket go quiet? Is it necessary there be darkness so the light comes on, clearer and brighter than before?

Or will the virus kill you? Or the flu? Or slipping in the shower tomorrow morning? Guess which is most likely.

Will the economy reset? Will trillions in pilfered stash from cartels and corrupt elites pay our debts? And will my crypto-hodle make me rich? (Shit, I hope so.)

I hope we see 10 cent coffee again. Maybe even the wars end, and we can all just be friends.

Certainly, the storm is now upon us. Will Orange God-Emperor save us? Did Moses split the sea?


Passover marks the release of Jews from slavery in Egypt. Slavery was ended by a series of plagues – the final one being the Passover, when for three days Jews sheltered inside and painted their doors with lamb’s blood. A plague, three days of darkness, and slavery ended.

“Stretch out your hand toward the sky so that darkness will spread over Egypt—darkness that can be felt.” So Moses stretched out his hand toward the sky, and total darkness covered all Egypt for three days. No one could see anyone else or leave his place for three days. — Exodus 10:21–23

And the first born of the Egyptians perished:

“There will be loud wailing throughout Egypt—worse than there has ever been or ever will be again.” — Exodus 11:4–6

Hur-rah … I mean, how sad!

When the Jews celebrate Passover, it’s date is set for the vernal equinox after the spring crop has come fruitful. This year, we know there is corn ready for to be cut. The full moon will mark the equinox on April 7.

It’s been said many times… history repeats itself.


5 thoughts on “Three Days of Darkness”

  1. Wow Andy, you’re all over the place and I can relate. Having an open mind, seeing the connectedness of all things past and present is essential always as again, anyone who follows your blog agrees on. Impressed with the face implant of Obama, how uncanny the resemblance! I’m delving, once again, into the history and events surrounding the Act of 1871 and feel that is the nugget we would all do well to give a little focus on since all events unfolding after that explains most everything happing now. My first love, geology.


  2. Yes, the corn is overdue for harvest.
    Thanks old friend for this and the series on thunderbolts. Crypto will do well……


  3. Great to hear from you Andy, thanx for the last video, as always we really enjoy your ability to make reasonable scientific explanations regarding our planets formation by the Universal
    Electrical circuit coupled with earths residual circuits.
    Geology is a theory based on knowledge existing at the time of the development of the theory. The theory is 200 years old, was developed when the theorists used coal oil, whale oil or candles for light. Tesla had not been born yet.
    The theory remains the same with some modifacations, sliding continents, rings of fire, and other meaningless inuendo, when with your own eyes a person can clearly see they are incorrect.
    We are greatful for yours and other thunderbolts contributers for revealing the truthful and understandable explanations for the geological formations we used to see everyday before this deceptive lockdown was introduced.
    May the Universal Spirit forever light your way, as it currently does.


  4. Thanks Andy. Hodling here in sac. Mad as hell at the new world order. Mass suffering in the gig economy workers. Anyway, great essay. Love in the time of covid.


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