We’ve been warned. People need to listen.

First came the warning from scientists – twelve percent chance a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) will hit Earth in the next ten years. That’s one-in-eight…one-in-six is Russian roulette. Nice odds.

Now a major hedge fund warns “unimaginable consequences” for the global economy. The global economy is the host from which they feed – vampires can’t survive if humans go extinct.

Said Paul Singer’s Elliott Management in a letter to investors about CME’s, dated July 28, “While these pages are typically chock full of scary or depressing scenarios, there is one risk that is head-and-shoulders above all the rest in terms of the scope of potential damage adjusted for the likelihood of occurrence.”

Lloyd’s of London warned in 2013 a massive solar storm could disrupt financial markets, food supplies, transportation systems, and hospital services at an economic cost as high as $2.6 trillion—20 times larger than the cost of damages caused by hurricanes Katrina and Sandy.

I’m not concerned about the money. I’m concerned about the lives. People may die by thousands, or even millions.

NASA Photo of Coronal Mass Ejection

Two years ago, Earth narrowly missed the most powerful CME in 150 years.  NASA published in the December 2013 issue of Space Weather, “A major solar eruptive event in July, 2012.” The study describes a CME that tore through Earth orbit narrowly missing us. “If it had hit, we would still be picking up the pieces,” said team member Daniel Baker of the University of Colorado. 

Californians know the “big one” is on it’s way, and live in a  – “it will kill somebody else, not me” – state of denial, but sooner or later it will occur. The odds are about the same for a CME that could affect the entire Continent, and the complacency is worse. At least California enforces building codes with severe earthquake in mind. At least most Californian’s will not be where the earthquake happens.

A CME could hit us all. Grid down, communications down, water, gas and electricity off for days, weeks, months…coming on-line slowly while millions of people look for help. If help doesn’t arrive and we run out of water and food, what then? Got your bug-out shelter? I hope its not all P-V powered. Those cheap Chinese panels will fry.

The answer isn’t a plan to run for the hills, although I recommend it for back-up. The answer is – Stop electing leaders who have their heads up their ass, working the gravy-train instead of serving the people.

I won’t diatribe on the dishonesty of progressive ideology, or the closed-minded idiocy of conservatives. I wish to point out that there is only one candidate who is concerned, which makes him the smartest, most qualified man to be president. He actually recognizes the risk and puts it front-and-center as a key issue for the security of our nation.

That man is Ben Carson.

CNN Photo – Ben Carson

As of right now, he’s got my vote. If I hear a cogent concern about the real risk of CME’s from another, I’ll weigh him, or her into consideration.

Anyone running for president who does not either raise the issue as critical, or who instead claims man-made global warming is the biggest threat we face, I immediately remove from consideration for being either ignorant, or an intellectually dishonest toady for hard-left environmental groups and scientists protecting their gravy-train.

Ben Carson is smart. He knows the important issues and calls bullshit on the rest, so it’s not just his awareness of CME’s.

He has a consistent moral rudder that keeps a straighter course than mine, which has to be a good thing. He understands applied science and how we must look to it for answers. He wants a flat tax. He does not support theories unsupported by evidence to advance a political agenda. In other words, he has common sense. When was the last time you saw that in politics?

Data mounts that our scientists have their heads up their ass.

NASA Photo – Massive Lightning Discharge

Why do I say such a thing? Because they underestimate the danger. Look at the photo on the right. See the relative size of the lightning to the foreground buildings – that ground strike is massive, covering acres of land. Science does not understand how big these things can get.

They know it’s going to happen – that is not in dispute. The Carrington CME event of 1859 is well known. What an event like it would do to the house-of-cards, technology dependent society we live in is also known. That it will happen again in the near future is certain.

We may get lucky and it won’t happen for decades, allowing time to harden the grid, build adequate redundancy and improve early warning systems. If so, breakers can be opened to protect grid components and communications.

Utilities take these things into account, but realizing the threat has been slow in coming. Politically driven focus has been on renewable energy. Enormous time and resource has been wasted on thermal solar plants, P-V farms, environmentally damaging bio-fuels and annoying windmills over a small, or non-existent problem with CO2. Safe guarding the grid needs our attention and resources.

The government answer is to improve early warning. All well and good, but some Solar “winds” travel at near the speed of light. It can travel from Sun to Earth in minutes. We do not have a margin for error. The grid itself needs more protection.

We can protect ourselves from Carrington sized events, but what if it’s way bigger than that?

NASA Photo – Sprite, a plasma discharge to space.

Mainstream science is loath to recognize the role of electrical current in space. They see magnetic fields and believe they are local phenomena created by dynamos within stars and planets. They believe bulk electrical charge in space is neutral – positive and negative particles cancelling each other out.

This is absurd.  Positive and negative charges don’t come together one-on-one to cancel each other out. Regions of differing potential manifest. A difference in charge potential creates an electric field, along which the charge flows and generates a magnetic field. Electrically charged plasma naturally self organizes these interdependent fields and forms a sheath to project current through space.

That is why it is called plasma. It self organizes cell-like structure similar to living blood plasma. This is known from classic physics.

We see organizing magnetic fields throughout the solar system, nebula, galactic arms, collimated plasma jets shooting thousands of light years from active galaxies, and cosmic scale, charge carrying filaments where galaxies form in clusters like flies on a spider web.

Magnetic fields don’t exist without electric current. The evidence is overwhelming that electric current is coursing through space. Satellites watch the Earth and Sun from almost every angle in every spectrum. New data comes in every day that confirms we are electrically connected to the Sun. It makes our climate, effects tectonics and generates weather.

Anthony Peratt, plasma physicist at Los Alamos National Laboratory proved that ancient petroglyphs are images of powerful aurora. We don’t know exactly when, or how many times such events occurred, because of uncertainty trying to date images pecked in rock, but it happened somewhere from 4,000 to 12,000 BC.

My concern is that the laboratory plasma energy Peratt used to produce such instabilities scales-up to a gigaampere event. By comparison, a normal aurora is a megaampere event. Peratt’s findings indicate electrical current hit Earth with a thousand times more energy than anything we’ve experienced in recorded history, making Carrington a mere hiccup.

Unless something else entered our solar system, the Sun had to be the culprit. Assume it is. Then what’s to prevent it from happening again?

Mainstream science thinks the Sun is a fusion balloon, even though we see nothing but electromagnetic activity in the Sun’s photosphere, corona and heliosphere. Actually, wherever we look in space electromagnetic plasma phenomena is obvious.

Mainstream science, believing the Sun is internally fueled by it’s mass, views it as barely variable, expecting the occasional Carrington hiccup, but not anticipating the type of event discovered by Peratt. Peratt’s study and a growing list of other evidence disputes this, suggesting the Sun responds to electrical current from the galactic arms. If so, we don’t know how big the Sun can amp up.

NASA Photo – Electricity is everywhere. It’s not the consequence, it’s the cause.

Recently, researchers found geomagnetic induction current is enhanced at the equator during severe geomagnetic storms. Geomagnetic induction current (GIC) is what knocks out power lines, blows transformers, zaps pipelines and satellites.

They believe the equatorial electro-jet is the cause. The electro-jet is a torus of current that flows around the equator, only discovered recently. The article in Geophysical Research Letters, shows countries near the magnetic equator are more vulnerable to space weather because of it.

They found GIC is amplified by the electro-jet at low latitudes, not at the poles where it was thought to be most severe.

Scientists also discovered solar flares produce dark current more focused and perhaps more dangerous than CME’s. They shoot like torpedoes, collimated beams of current with an affinity for targeting planetary bodies, because that’s where an electric field will lead – the closest body of different potential – just like lightning seeks the tallest point on the ground on which to discharge.

They also occur during the Sun’s quiescent periods, like the one it’s heading into now. A quiet Sun may mean more dangerous space weather.

NASA Photo – A tornado has counter-rotating winds and up and down draft currents that resemble plasma currents. Perhaps it is more than a resemblance.

Space weather drives the weather here on Earth. The linkage has been known and studied for centuries, correlating sunspots and solar cycles with climate. That is how a man like Ben Franklin was able to write an Almanac that predicted weather cycles much better than Al Gore.

It seems an unfortunate fact that our ancestors, who had nothing but fire and chipped stone for technology, understood more about some aspects of the world around us than our scientists today. That is because they trusted their eyes and not an equation.

Lightning bolts from space are not my biggest concern. The worry is how an amped-up earth will react with tectonic activity and fierce weather. Space weather could present a truly “perfect storm.”

We have ample witness accounts in legends and mythology from the past. Thunderbolts of the Gods, rains of fire and brimstone, torrential floods. Does it make sense that every major ancient culture around the globe made that stuff up?

Take a look at Google Earth – examine the dozens of craters in North Africa. They are everywhere on the planet, but easier to spot in the desert. One is twenty-five miles wide. They are not impact craters, or volcanoes. They are craters formed by electrical discharge, just like all the planets in the solar system.

I will endeavor to show you this in future articles. In the meantime, give a listen to this candidate who is talking sense. Realize he is not another airbrushed politician who seeks to win your vote by saying what failed political parties and ideologies expect him to say to prop themselves up. He is willing to say what people need to hear, the truth, whether it’s politically correct, or not.

AD Hall

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