Source of the Geomagnetic field

I’m re-posting this nicely written, concise piece of reasoning to introduce Louis Hissink’s Crazy World, which happens to be an electrical one. Well all of ours is, but he’s actually aware of it and quite thoughtful about it. There are many interesting, insightful articles at his site. Cheers, Louise!

4 thoughts on “Source of the Geomagnetic field”

    1. Copy that, science AS religion etcetera.

      Greatly enjoying your recent posts, very rich in visual content, without the interminable verbose textuality one becomes inured to when reading stuff purporting to address anything remotely significant to the knowledge base of the earths most successful parasite….

      …phew, glad to get that down on virtual paper.

      kind regards

      Jim R

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  1. I like this article a lot apart from the suggestion the scientific mind is somehow separate from the religious mind, this implies a schism between knowledge and reason. On the one hand you have trust in a god who made the universe and on the other you have science who’s position is it made itself????

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