Feminism Takes the Red Pill

After decades chipping away at the glass ceiling, women have achieved a break-through. Remarkably, it didn’t come through progressive legislation. It didn’t happen because a woman was elected to office. The political champions of the feminist cause had nothing to do with it, at least, in any positive sense.

We are talking, of course, about sexual abuse, and the fact women have become aware of their responsibility to speak-up. It may sound harsh to put in those words, but it’s the truth. Women have been intimidated by men in power not to speak-up about abuse. Now that has changed, and it’s simply due to women deciding not to take it anymore, and to stand behind each other.

But there has been a cadre of elite in high places; entertainers, activists, politicians, and the wives of same, who knew the males among them were pervs, but defended the pervs, and denied it in public, to shame the women who tried to speak-up.

And wouldn’t you know, the pervs; the rapists, flashers, masturbators, and chronic gropers, are mostly champions of the progressive left. They paid lip service to ‘women’s equality’ while tweaking boobs and grabbing ass. And now women of all political backgrounds, bound by the shared indignity of suffering this abuse silently for so long, are exposing the phonies for who they are.

From the wet, rubbery lips of Al Franken, to the lip-biting rapist, Bill Clinton, the creeps are being exposed by the women they abused. And the enablers – men and women who spewed fealty to women’s cause while enabling the powerful men around them to abuse their power, are also being exposed for their phoniness. Women have silently screamed for years, but that all changed with Harvey. Now women have united in one voice to say, “No more!”

And that is a breakthrough. The break-through didn’t come from women in pussy-hats, demanding rights they already have. It didn’t come from pitching against an imaginary threat to abortion, or a straw-man argument about equal pay. It came from standing for themselves and demanding respect, plain and simple. They are putting up the ‘don’t touch without my permission’ sign to all the jerks who never showed respect in the first place.

All those powerful men. Those articulate, educated, urbane and respected men who hold power over people’s lives. They are the cads who virtue signaled support to feminism with a hand on their crotch and a wink in their eye. Feminists didn’t bring them down, women did.

Women who took the Red Pill. Welcome to equality.

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3 thoughts on “Feminism Takes the Red Pill”

  1. Sexual abuse by women is more common than it is by men. College surveys has shown thet 53% of women used forced coercion or alcohol and drugs to get men to perform. 95% of female guards have sexually abused their charges in detention centers. Check out my article on http://elevenoneoneblog.wordpress.com on Monday on why women don’t belong in the workplace. What Harvey Weinstein did , was not wrong. They made a trade. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHp3OO0DalE


  2. I haven’t seen any statistics regarding sexual abuse of women. I suspect however that it occurs far less often than is touted in the mainstream media today. I was falsely accused of sexual abuse and fired from my job at one point in my career.

    One thing I do know about however is domestic violence. I have seen statistics on domestic violence. It turns out that domestic violence is almost always blamed on men whereas the statistics show that women are responsible for a full 50% of all domestic violence! I was once also falsely accused of domestic violence and sent to jail!

    I just think that it is a wise course of action to doubt anything reported in the mainstream media!


  3. I think you are on to something here. I hadn’t thought of it in those terms, but I think this is a very positive outcome.


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