Gravitational Lensing

Re-posted courtesy of the Thunderbolts Project

This is my first “Space News” presentation. This link is to the related Thunderblog.

When I began writing for Thunderbolts I didn’t have any theory of my own. I was simply learning and trying to understand whether Electric Universe theory could stand on it’s own, and if mainstream theories could be wrong when they claim so much ‘evidence’.

Gravitational lensing was the first confirmation of Einsteins theory of General Relativity. Sir Eddington showed that light from deep space objects bends around foreground objects. But is it because of gravity? I present the work of Dr. Gupta, and others who demonstrate the effect of lensing may just be the result of diffraction through matter in space. No gravity is required.

Like all consensus theories, other explanations can be found in classical physics. The consensus won’t tell you this, however, which is why they shouldn’t be taken as fact, and alternatives must be considered.

3 thoughts on “Gravitational Lensing”

  1. Hi Andy – Just watched the Finale in the Series ‘Eye of the Storm’ – Watched on YouTube but I Signed in to Comment but SITE would not allow it – Not functioning properly (?) .

    I Did want to make a Comment – after seeing this final of the series – I Gave up on my traditional ‘Religion’ some years ago after discovering the Electric Universe – and have been trying to figure out things from the PAST Ancestors Messages – And Gobleki Tepi Vulture Stone and your Explanation of the ‘Handbag’ really resonated with me after the second & Third viewing – THE Ancients were trying to TELL US of THE IMPENDING DOOM to be Unleashed on Mankind … and the STORY of the Revelation of the Bible may hold clues to mankind’s survival – as there are SO MANY WRONG Interpretations of the Ancient Writings it was the Ancients who left SYMBOLS for US to Interpret CORRECTLY – and a LOT of that had been DONE WRONG in the Past – Especially in the Bible … and just Maybe the END of Days Spoken about are the Predicted Future DOOM of the PEOPLE of Earth.

    SO Many Battles of the GODS have turned out to be nothing BUT ELECTRICAL DISCHARGES Between the Planets – WHO is to SAY that SIMILAR EVENTS aren’t Going to Happen Again …. HISTORY DOES HAVE A WAY of REPEATING ITSELF – Does IT NOT ? ARMAGEDDON ? REVELATION ?

    Thanks So Much ANDY –
    Tremendous – Stay Safe –
    Greg Asmussen


    1. Hi Greg,
      Thanks for your comments. Don’t know what is up with the comment section, but I found yours. Traditional religious teaching have much wrong about the environment and the phenomena the ancient’s experienced. It’s misinterpreted, I think largely intentionally, but also because the most vocal people are actually retarded, in the sense their brains don’t work right, because they are self absorbed. Truth is not their goal. It couldn’t be, because the truth is very obvious. It’s more important for them to get published and tenured than it is to seek truth. Everyone else is lazy and accepts what the narcissists and megalomaniacs say, as if they are sane. Sorry, its a fact, the human race is incredibly stupid.

      So we deserve Armageddon, in my humble opinion, but I don’t think we’ll get it. At least not the kind of global flood, supersonic wind, air filled with charged silica kind of storm. Earth is in a different orbit/electrical environment than it was then. I’m hoping Solar minimum is all we are facing and it will cause droughts and earthquakes – it won’t be pretty – but not the kind of Armeggedon that is a catastrophic die-off. Unless of course the magnetic pole shift flips Earth again, or Betelgeuse explodes and sends the Sun into high dudgeon. I guess anything could happen.



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