Chelyabinsk, Tunguska and Arc Blast

Electric Universe theory has long argued that large meteors striking Earth is a rare thing. It’s not that rocks don’t fall to Earth, it’s just that something has to happen first. That something is electrical discharge.

Because the electrical charge of a body in space is not the same as Earth’s, something has to give when they come together. Electrical potential has to equalize. That occurs when the meteor makes electrical contact with Earth, not when it actually impacts.

Craters everywhere; the Moon, Mar’s, Mercury and beyond, as well as other-otherworldly terrain features, display the earmarks of electrical discharge more predominately than impacts. In fact, EU theory suggests the asteroids and comets themselves are a result of electrical discharge between planets. They are debris from discharges that made the craters – not the cause of the craters.

The larger the meteor’s mass, the larger the potential difference will be. Electrical discharge is likely to blow a big meteor to pieces further from Earth than a small one. Damage is caused by the shock wave from the meteor, not the left-over pieces of meteor impacting Earth.

That is the case with the two largest meteor events in modern history: Tunguska and Chelyabinsk. Chelyabinsk exploded in an air-burst, as witnessed by thousands of people. It’s long been suspected Tunguska did too, since no pieces of meteor were found. By all evidence, Tunguska appears to have been a shock wave from an exploding air-burst meteor entering the atmosphere at supersonic speeds.

Since the Chelyabinsk event was witnessed and filmed by so many, there is evidence of how the air-burst occurred, and how it is predicted by Arc Blast theory.

Arc Blast proposes certain geologic features are the result of shock waves created by supersonic winds. It is predicated on the fact shock waves are conduits of electric current. A shock wave suddenly spikes the density, pressure and temperature of the medium it travels in. It also spikes ionization, creating a charged wave-front of voltage higher than the surroundings.

The charged shock-wave is what causes the meteor to explode in mid-air, as this slow-motion film has captured. First, look at these still frames to see what’s happening.

Chelyabinsk meteor streaking through Siberian skies…
A vertical sheet of condensation appears ahead of the meteor – it’s not a camera effect.
As the meteor enters the column of condensation, both meteor and column brighten,
Then brighten again all the way to the ground – it’s discharging electricity.
Again it brightens with its tail still in the glowing condensation column. See the columns bottom is almost as bright as the meteor.
Then it explodes, sending a bright triangular flash down the column to Earth. Note the flash is behind foreground buildings where the condensation column was in previous images.
The shock of the discharge raises dust, but the foreground buildings can still be seen.
The meteor flashes a final time with a bright column beneath it, as the first column vanishes in the dust cloud.
And then it’s gone
A few small pieces of rock were found.

So what happened here?

That column of condensation was the shock wave – the bow shock ahead of the meteor, making contact with the ground and reflecting to form a standing, reflected wave.

Because the wave carried temperature, density and charge, it ionized the air creating the condensation column through the standing wave to ground. When the meteor struck the column, it made direct connection to ground through the conductive standing wave-form and began to discharge. The discharge flashed several times through the column, and perhaps established a second path to ground, before the charge neutralized with the meteor fully vaporized.

This film of the Chelyabinsk meteor is visual evidence of Electric Universe theories. The dynamics of comets and meteors bear this out in every other respect, as well. Look deep into the Tunguska mystery, and the evidence and eye-witness accounts support a shock wave/electrical discharge event.

Shoemaker-Levy 9 strikes Jupiter

The same can be said of the Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet that struck Jupiter. The explosions occurred in Jupiter’s ionosphere due to electrical discharge. So concludes Wal Thornhill who discusses the many points of evidence in the linked video. He describes how the comet fragments glowed bright as they approached the planet, how the planet’s polar aurora brightened when the comet made contact, how radio emissions were received from Jupiter during the event, and he provides visual evidence and an explanation how and why the explosions occurred in the ionosphere due to electrical discharge.

As quackademia’s grip on the theory of uniform evolution is eroded by overwhelming evidence of catastrophic upheaval in Earth’s past, it’s become fashionable for roguish scientists to look at meteors as a cause. Data from geologic strata, ice cores, sea level and fossil remains tell of periods when extreme environmental conditions prevailed. There is evidence of floods, winds, earthquakes and volcanoes – huge compared to anything in modern times.

That the demise of Cretaceous dinosaurs is attributed to the Chicxulub meteor is accepted wisdom, simply because there is a hole in the ocean floor. As ‘Climate Science’ is recognized a failure, and geologists find more holes in the ground, I fear scientists will stop attempting to correlate every climate hiccup in the record with carbon emissions, and begin to correlate with the holes in the ground.

But it’s a bit too convenient to jump to the conclusion meteors cause every catastrophic event. There is physics to consider, and physics says two sufficiently large and differently charged bodies are going to discharge when they make electrical contact, not when they impact. How discharge occurs is an arc blast through the standing waves made by the bow shock reflecting from Earth. You just saw visual proof, unless there is a better interpretation.

The physical consequences are different. Kinetic impact will have different secondary consequences than an electric shock-wave impact. Knowing this doesn’t mean a big meteor won’t destroy a city, or a hemisphere one day. Death by electric shock-wave is still death. But it may clue us how to protect ourselves. It may be easier to survive than what is believed an impact will do.

It also may clue us how to protect Earth from a large meteor in the first place. Give it something to discharge to – before it reaches Earth. Place a minefield of asteroids in it’s path – pre-loaded with ionic charge and long wire antennas to ensure contact.

The Chelyabinsk film follows, with special thanks to Don Kress for providing it.


13 thoughts on “Chelyabinsk, Tunguska and Arc Blast”

  1. This ‘beam of light’ could be as described above but I think that this one had more to do with the testing of the RAIL GUN at the naval ship yards in Marinette. Possibly related also to the stored radioactive spent fuel rods at the closed nuclear facility. This may be why the US Navy announced the new littoral ships equipped with rail guns would be used for coastal waters only. Which makes me think the strange ‘calmness’ that immediately was described as ‘gravity waves’ was due to the testing of the rail gun. The ‘gravity wave’ discovery was later changed to a different date.
    If we were a global civilization in the past, and were able to progress without war, was the global lightening responsible?


    1. I see an electrical discharge. It’s a plasma discharge in a partial plasma, hence not an arc. It makes a flash from the shock wave. Please delve more into plasma discharge – dark current, partial plasma’s, etc. Not all electricity makes a spark.


  2. Thanks for the comments, folks. Thanks again for the video, Don. Interesting about the fires. Bruce Leybourne has written about this, and correlated recurrent fire zones, like in California, with crustal hot spot activity. My thought is that it is an Earth – sky capacitance drawing current from the ground, maybe due to a solar storm that amped-up the circuit. Napa and other breakouts may be from current flowing up through moist root systems and hitting drier, high resistance branches and spontaneously erupting from direct heat, or chemical reactions. NAPA’s grasslands dry-out and turn brown very quickly every summer. I can imagine charge building in a a mass of moist roots enough to spark into dry grasses above the surface. It sounds like you are all thinking the same way. Cheers!


    1. Hi Andy

      Another interesting account of a fire at Williamsonville on the same night as the Peshtigo fire is at:

      Click to access wi.wt1990.jmmoran.pdf

      where they talk about tornadoes of fire.

      Fire Vortices
      Although regional winds were only light
      to moderate over northeastern Wisconsin, by
      many eyewitness accounts, wildfires were
      accompanied by winds strong enough to twist
      and uproot large trees and rip the roofs off
      bams and other buildings. Also, some survivors
      reported that wind and fire whirled
      about like a tornado and produced a roar similar
      to the sound that often precedes a tornado.
      In his fascinating report of the fire,
      Tilton (1871), a Green Bay newspaper man,
      quotes two residents of Sugar Bush, a small
      settlement near Peshtigo, who witnessed
      “tornadoes of fire.”
      Says Alfred Griffin, of the lower Sugar Bush,
      ” When I heard the roar of the approaching
      tornado [ ran out of my house and saw a great
      black, balloon~shaped object whirling through
      the air over the tops of the distant trees, approaching
      my house. When it reached the house
      it seemed to explode, with a loud noise, belch~
      ing out fire on every side, and in an instant my
      house was on fire in every part.”
      G. H. Brooks makes a similar statement. He
      went out of his back door to see the approaching
      storm, saw a similar cloud or ball approaching,
      and then ran into the house and with difficulty
      closed the door, so strong was the wind. The
      ball had by this time reached the house and
      exploded with a loud noise, filling the air with
      great sheets of flame. A stream of fire entered
      his house through the crack under the back
      door, and swept through the house to the front
      door_ Of course the house was ablaze in an
      instant from foundation to roof, the family barely
      escaping with their lives, supremely happy to
      do that. We visited the place afterwards. The
      house stood at a considerable distance from the
      woods- so far, that in any ordinary fire, it would
      have been perfectly safe. But here were remaining
      but the stone walls of the cellar, dilapidated
      stoves, melted stove-pipe and broken
      crockery. . . . (Tilton 1871)

      The descriptions sound familiar to the ones for the California fires.

      I think one of the best pieces of evidence that the Peshtigo Fire was caused by an electrical event is the account by Reverend Pernin as follows:
      “Strange to say there were many corpses found, bearing about them no traces of scars or burns, and yet in the pockets of their habiliments, equally uninjured, watches, cents, and other articles in metal, were discovered completely melted.”
      Other accounts lead one to suspect that the entirety of the fire events of October 8, 1871 were of a common cause.

      Electromagnetic induction is the only force that I know of that will melt metal like this. YT has guys melting metals with induction heaters. A varying current affected the victims at Peshtigo, inducing eddy currents in the metal in their pockets which caused the metal to melt. Their bodies and clothing were not affected.

      Maybe the upcoming ICON mission will shed light on the plasma bands that circle the planet.

      I wonder if any predictions about what they will discover can be made through an EU lens?

      Would these bands of plasma interact with Bruce’s hotspots for example ?
      How will the plasma behave when there is certain solar activity ? What about if there is a comet in the neighborhood?



      1. Wow, what a story. My prediction on ISON: NASA’s first words after the mission will be, “We didn’t expect what we found…” or words to that effect.


    2. As a follow-on to my previous comment below, regarding the bands of plasma and the ICON mission and bearing in mind the observations of some of the fire anomalies namely that some of these anomalies are seemingly high energy/ high frequency effects, I will take a stab at predicting that these plasma bands will be oscillating at a frequency in the gigahertz or microwave range. Under certain perfect storm conditions these plasma bands or perhaps we should call them “Plasma Salamis” since a band suggests something like a belt, these plasma salamis would be more cylindrical and move around, grow and Shrink, and the leading and trailing edges may be higher or lower in the ionosphere based on conditions of the magnetosphere, of the solar wind, cosmic rays from space, … the local electrical environment in other words. Even the frequency of the plasma salamis may vary depending on the tuning / resonance of the solar circuit. So that perhaps under so-called “normal” conditions the frequency is not in a damaging range but under other conditions the frequency Rises to the point where it contributes to the problem. Under certain conditions perhaps these plasma salamis contact the Earth and provide a return path for the hot spots that are looking to discharge. A comet in the neighborhood might be the trigger that sprinkles a little extra conductivity in the circuit.

      Eyewitness testimony of people that lived in the 19th century has to be taken at its word. These people were not into fake news. The spoken and written word was all they had so it was very important for them to describe what they witnessed as accurately as possible and in terms they understood. When we read several accounts of coins, watches and other metal objects in people’s pockets having been melted without damage to their clothing or their body, we must accept this. Once we do accept this, there’s only one known Force that can do this and that is electromagnetic induction. This implies that an electrical component was part of the Peshtigo and probably all of the fires of October 1871. And that implies that the universe is electric.

      I found it rather amusing in one of the icon videos I saw that the narrator spoke of Earth weather seeming to have an effect on these plasma Salamis. Again the mainstream have the cart before the horse and have confused cause and effect. I predict that these plasma salamis will be at least part of the cause and the effect will be Earth weather.


  3. Jeff, thanks for your information.
    The Thunderbolts Forum has been off line for several hours this evening.

    The authoritative report that I found on the tree burning from the inside is

    a CBS affiliate report.

    It occurs to me that the interior of a tree would have a greater moisture level than the outer part and bark, so the inner part would be more electrically conductive. A hypothesis here could be that the cause of this phenomenon is an electric current between the earth and the atmosphere/ionosphere via dark mode plasma.

    The observations of the behaviour of the fires in California remind me of observations recorded by Reverend Peter Pernin who was an eye-witness to the the Great Peshtigo Fire. Most people have never heard of this great American tragedy. Fewer still know that it happened at exactly the same time as the Great Chicago Fire which was supposedly started by a cow knocking over a lantern.
    For the more realistic EU view of this event, check this link

    For Reverend Pernin’s account with some additional editorial content see:

    and download your preferred option.

    If a celestial body was in our vicinity during the California fires, there may very well be a connection. People imagine hot meteor fragments starting fires but with an EU mindset, we can imagine that the celestial body interacts with and disturbs our local electrical environment and ‘flux ropes’ or ‘stringy things’ which are Birkeland currents trailing such celestial objects will have an effect on earth, especially with a reduced magnetosphere as we currently have. Dark mode plasma could be contributing to these fires.

    Andy also mentions Tunguska in this post.
    I have done some research on the Tunguska Event and I chronicle what I found at

    Cheers from Sudbury Canada

    Don Kress


  4. My intention is to post a comment but doing it under a “Leave a Reply” banner… it looks like I’m replying to a previous comment.

    Two of the images above are duplicated or triplicated. Thanks for the slow motion and for the lead into it which helps see more of it.

    I’ve been expanding my understanding into EU views for over a year now and it has proven life changing for me. The various EU presenters each bring a distinct and very human flavor to this work. In your case, I particularly appreciate that you’ve spent so much time learning all the weird and wonderful stuff that let you put the pieces together when Steinbacher et al pulled your trigger for you. And I further appreciate your clarity relative to what I see as the normal hypnotized state of human beings and your willingness to see what’s in front of you and tell us about it. Very cool. I can usually understand what you’re presenting. On the other hand, I love Stephen Crothers too and I have to listen to him twice just to sort out the words and several more times for comprehension..

    Quackademia. The Russian lady, right? I’ve waded through a lot of those megalith videos. There is so much to learn! I’m just turning 80. I need another 80 years just to get fully awake.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi George, I created the slow motion video Andy discusses and credits me for. My thanks to Andy for that.

      That video clip was snipped from the Space News episode

      and slowed to 1/8 speed in Movie Maker.
      I download YT videos using RealDownloader free version.

      See my comment to Jeff’s comment below for more info.


      Don Kress


    2. George

      may the universe grant you another 80 years

      I first read Ralph Juergens 1972 paper “Reconciling Celestial Mechanics and Velikovskian Catastrophism” outlining his notion that the sun is electrically powered in the 1980’s after reading Velikovsky’s works.

      I just wanted to add weight to your pick of Andrew Hall and Steve Crothers as a couple of outstanding figures among the EU montage.

      I generally read Andy twice and Steve asymptotically.

      I love them all


  5. I posted an entry over at the forum at Thunderbolts concerning the Santa.Rosa fires and coincident meteor seen falling over the area. There are many videos on YouTube that feature bizzare anomalies about this fire. Unturned trees standing beside complexly incinerated cars, entire rows of houses turned to ash while houses on the opposite side of the street are untouched. It’s reported that many of the fires started simultaneously. There was one video that showed a tree burning from the inside, which only occurs after a lightning strike. Several examples can Be seen on google images. I googled “cars struck by lightning” and saw that the burnt paint from a lightning strike looks just like the vehicles in the videos. A meteor bursting in the vicinity of a power grid could overload with its discharge, ala the Carrington event, or similar to a massive EMP from the sun ruining the grid. There is a grainy dashcam video of the meteor on YouTube timestamped to correspond to the AMS website of meteor sightings on that night, of which several were seen of the same one over Santa Rosa.

    No response to my thread at Thunderbolts. Perhaps I’m too much of a newb to merit attention, or in over my head, but something strange is going on in Napa Valley.



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