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People, Sheepdogs & Politicians

HillaryI’ll try to stick to science and humor in the Daily Plasma for the most part, but today I’m dabbling in politics. This presidential race is just too good, and I need to rant.

Who in their wildest dreams could have imagined The Donald leading the poles for the Republican Party? Or the FBI sniffing-up Hillary’s pant suit with potential criminal charges (well, maybe not a total surprise). Or the non-politician, black Republican neurosurgeon capturing so much attention.

I have a favorite. Most people do by now – even as we watch to see who flip-flops, squirms, or commands attention. It doesn’t really matter until the finalists are chosen. It’s just fascinating how it’s all playing out. No less interesting is the media and it’s role. They seem confused.

First, so you know where I stand, I call myself Libertarian. It’s my firm belief, my guiding principle, that individual liberty is essential. Anything that degrades my liberty is an offense.

I’ll compromise willingly for certain benefits to society as a whole, provided there is actually some benefit. There usually isn’t. The more we all mind our own business and get on with living, the better for everyone.

Liberals don’t think like that whatsoever, so I have little regard for anything they say.

They are driven by perceived injustice. They wear a mantle of righteous compassion for minorities – gender, race, sexuality, income – you name it. If there is a voting block to buy-off with some kind of sham, grievance-relief platform, they are on it. Add to that their boogeymen – the enemies they stand against – Republicans first and then the rest of the human race.

Seriously, man has destroyed the climate. Man is killing the wildlife, the oceans, the coral reefs, the polar bears, the whole friggin earth. We’re over-populated, over-fed, over-indulged by excess energy. We don’t pay enough money – for electricity, for taxes, for their corporate jet lifestyles. They want a world where you and I don’t exist, basically.

obamaI can’t think of any liberal idea I agree with. We are in a natural climate change driven by the Sun. The scientific evidence is overwhelming. Yet they perpetuate the lie we are causing the Earth to warm and have the audacity to say it’s the biggest problem facing mankind. What crap.

Our skinny-arm President is giving billions of our dollars to Iran. In what fucking parallel universe is this a good idea?

Take my guns away…Fuck-off! I’m going to need them for the civil war liberals are pining for.

Conservatives don’t thrill me either. They pay lip service to liberty, but don’t do anything to enhance it, at least in this country.

Adjusting corporate tax rates, or bombing Iraq some more, won’t do much to create a better world. That is why the Tea Party arose, and in spite of the biased media bullshit, the Tea Party ideology is alive and well and assimilated into the Republican Party so much they are driving the debates and the popularity of Carson and Trump.

It isn’t just that they are from outside Washington and people are tired of politicians. It’s because they say things the politicians won’t. They are outside the guidelines. They are talking about things that matter. It’s what people need to hear, not the airbrushed, committee vetted messages of the politicians whose past performance has been abysmal.

The Donald is a breath of fresh air.

I don’t even know everything he stands for yet, or know whether I agree. I just love to hear him poke a stick in everyone’s eye. He twists the media around his little finger. He’s not a politician, he’s a promoter. He’s two steps ahead of everyone around him. I love that.

trumpHe doesn’t offer some tweak to the tax code that is supposed to make everything better, which we all know won’t make a hill of beans. He says he’s going to negotiate our financial strength back from China and some of the third world toilets we pump our money into. He knows countries like India are on the move and want to keep going, which makes them a good partner. Invest in success.

He’s not saying that out of an over-fluffed ego. It’s because he knows the U.S. government is failing the people. We are giving away welfare to others when we need to fix things here, only to buy allegiances that are as thin and worthless as a wet noodle. Look at what a decade in Iraq got us.

The things everyone expects from Trump – the showman promoter and real estate hustler – is all there…but no one expected his sincerity and intelligence. I hope he’s in the race to the bitter end for the nomination. He stimulates the entire event.

Ben Carson is the opposite.

I really like Ben. He’s the one talking about the things that matter most, to provide our nation the best possible future for ourselves and our children. He’s got the long view and the big picture. Without doubt, he is the smartest of the candidates. He’s so low key, though. I’m surprised anyone even hears him over the din of the others. Yet when he speaks, people listen.

From a purely crass political standpoint, Ben Carson is the best thing the Republican’s could hope for – they just don’t seem to know it. I hate to point out the obvious, but he’s black. The black vote is a given for Democrats. Democrats cater to racial angst and have, for decades, fooled black voters into thinking they have their best interest in mind and Republicans hate them. Of course, Republican’s don’t hate them, and the Democrat’s policies haven’t done any good – the demographics haven’t changed. Blacks are still poor and under-employed, and all the same grievances still hold. No hope, or change for the better. Blacks have caught on to this, and are ready to hear a credible voice with better ideas.

carsonCarson is the credible candidate who can do that. If he’s on the ticket, Republicans will win black votes and it will change longstanding paradigms. Carson can shed daylight on the Democrat’s sham like no white person ever can.

They sham everyone, but nowhere is it more evident than with blacks. Carson is a living example of courage and common sense, unafraid to stand on his own beliefs and speak, unfiltered about how to improve our lives, instead of harping about injustice and inventing some legislative band-aid to fix it. He’s making liberals shit their pants.

He doesn’t manage the press like Trump. He let’s them ask their “gotcha” questions and he answers, with perfect clarity and common sense, and let’s the press twist in the wind trying to make his words sound bad. The media ends up sounding stupid – because they are – and he rises in the poles.

Just look at the flap when he said he wouldn’t vote for a Muslim President. He never said, or even implied a Muslim couldn’t run for President. He just said he didn’t want to see one elected. Well who does? A real Muslim follows Sharia law over any other laws of the land.

I know “moderate” Muslim’s will argue this, but they aren’t in charge of anything and don’t really matter. They may call themselves Muslim, but they won’t go to the Middle East and attempt to change Islam to this “moderate” viewpoint, because if they did they would be killed in an instant – by real Muslims.

A real Muslim – real in the eyes of their Prophet, and leaders, and followers, and doctrine, and Koran – is required to follow Sharia law and that is not compatible with a job description to uphold the laws of our Nation. Ben Carson pointed that simple fact out. He never said that disqualifies a Muslim from running for President, but that is what the Media tried to portray. Why?

Obviously, the people understood Carson quite well. It should be obvious the media did too – they know the English language. They dishonestly reported in an attempt to discredit him. A Black Republican is not allowed.

wolf-blitzer1The media’s prejudices are exemplified in discredited journalist Dan Rather. Its intellectual honesty is exemplified by liar, liar, pants-on-fire, Brian Williams. It’s fact checking competence comes from John Stewart – a comedian.

They are all cut from the same bolt of cloth. Trying to be sheepdogs, herding us into their line of thinking. Hear what they say, but don’t believe it.

Ben Carson made CNN’s Wolf-man look like a twerp. He is a twerp, so that wasn’t hard. Carson challenges conventional wisdom. Everyone knows deep down, at some level, regardless of party affiliation, that conventional wisdom is just convention now. The wisdom isn’t there.

I’m not religious. Hard line fundamentalists scare me. Ben Carson is the most religious – and unafraid to say so – of the whole field of candidates. Yet it does not bother me.

Being Christian in action is the best thing one can do, regardless of literal belief in the Bible, or not. Regardless if the “brand” of Christianity is some flim-flam, new age prophet, or even Talmudic Judaism. Or if like me, say, “I doubt it, but let’s do more science to figure things out.” The Christian values still hold. Christian values are the best social medicine ever invented.

Ben Carson understands that better than any other candidate. He may interpret a few things different from the way I do, but everyone has a convention. Everyone has a line they believe divides what is okay from what is not okay.

Carson doesn’t want to legislate morality. That’s a liberal gig. He wants to bolster the family with Christian values, which is what we need more than anything. Legislating morality doesn’t work. Liberal and Conservative attempts have only unhinged everyone, resulting in divisive craziness. It has to come from moral individuals  – we all need an internal compass to guide our actions and fix the core of all problems – raising children.

Children raised right won’t be racist. Children raised right won’t enter a gang, or think drive-by-shootings are hip, or walk into a classroom and machine gun their classmates. Children raised right will be good parents and pave a world for their children to thrive in. They will know how to think for themselves and not let someone do it for them. Children raised right won’t have the unobtainable goal to be a celebrity and own glitzy things, and spend their lives miserable they can’t get them.

Parents who care about their children will not let the schools be the nanny, continually abusing the education of our children for the sake of their bureaucracy and self-serving ideologies. We can teach every one of our kids a Bachelor’s Degree education with the best teachers in the world, right in their own homes with the internet. It can be done for chump change.

Parents who care about their children will vote to forge military supremacy and foreign policies that don’t require us to send the kids to war, unless we must to protect ourselves. And that is when we use our military supremacy to maximum effect. Shoot to kill.

Actually, we will never have a professional politician leadership that is truly smart and concerned. Their concern is in being professional politicians, winning the next election and building their power. People need to understand this is fundamental. Don’t rely on government, or professional politicians – they will fuck us and make things worse for everyone the more control we give them.

ben-carson-tight-crop-restricted-large-169We need gentleman statesmen, and women. The kind who built the country, like Franklin…or Washington – who they had to beg to become President.

Lifelong politicians are corrupted by their profession and ambition. They only have the one avenue, which is to be part of the establishment with all it’s flaws. So they will never correct the flaws. Carson and The Donald are the kind of gentleman statesman we need.

Few people will agree with me on specifics, I’m sure. Don’t worry, I’m not the one with my finger on the button. But a lot of people agree we need an out-of-the box thinker and doer in the White House. Somebody who will inspire and lead us to find our individual spines, get off our hind-ends and clean-up our act, because nobody is doing it for us. Carson isn’t promising to make things right for us. He’s offering to show us how to do it ourselves.

I think that is the point I want to make. That is what people are looking for. We are like kids who know Dad is right, but don’t like it. For the good of our society people are understanding, even if it means going against some personal preferences and showing individual responsibility. We need a leader with a real, working moral compass.

That’s what I get from Ben Carson. The government is us, so let’s keep it and use it wisely before the chance slips away.

Electric Universe And The Political Debate

Electric Universe Theory could become a topic in politics. Republican Candidate Ben Carson has expressed his doubts about the “Big Bang” theory in interviews this past week. “Science” bloggers have tried to make him into a “flat earth” crazy for having his doubts. We need to set the record straight.

ben-carson-tight-crop-restricted-large-169Far from being an ignorant flat-earther, Ben Carson is on the cutting edge of science. He is best known for leading one of the most complex neurosurgeries ever performed. In 1987, he directed a team of seventy doctors to successfully separate twins born co-joined at the head.

He was named one of the nation’s 20 foremost physicians and scientists by Time Magazine and CNN, a “Living Legend” by The Library of Congress, and was awarded the Presidential Medal and the Ford’s Theater Lincoln Medal by President George W. Bush.

There is even a made for TV documentary about him, “Gifted Hands,” starring Cuba Gooding, Jr. His scientific credentials far exceed those who criticize him.

He isn’t questioning Big Bang theory out of ignorance. He questions it because he’s a scientist. Few people outside the scientific community know this, because you won’t hear it from media, or scientists, but Big Bang cosmology is in serious trouble. It simply does not describe the Universe we see and cannot be validated.

The theory predicts a multitude of strange matter and energy that is not evident anywhere in the cosmos. New observations usually result in setbacks for the Big Bang, finding things it does not predict and not finding the things it does.

15-066The theory predicts that the Universe we see, with telescopes scanning space in every wavelength of the spectrum, is less than 4% of what’s out there. The other 96%-plus is assumed to be composed of “dark energy” and “dark matter.” They are “dark,” because they can’t be found. Dark energy and dark matter aren’t only invisible, scientists don’t know what they are.

Dark matter is thought to exist in a cloud around galaxies. They believe this because their model cannot explain spiral formation in galaxies without inventing something to hold them together. Yet they cannot find, or even describe what this dark matter is – they are just guessing.

Dark energy is believed to exert a force expanding the universe. Yet they can’t find it, or describe it’s properties. They can only say what it isn’t. Again, they are just guessing.

They have been guessing for almost a century now. Are we to believe in a theory that cannot describe 96% of the Universe? What kind of science is that? It’s nothing more than a plea of faith that the scientists know anything at all. Don’t we already have religions for that?

Big Bang theory predicts many things we can’t see and have found no direct evidence for: black holes, gravitational waves, wormholes, space-time, time travel – all great science fiction stuff – and all pure guesswork.

It cannot explain what gravity is, or why the Sun and the Earth interact instantaneously through gravity in order to maintain a stable orbit. There is no time lag for interaction at the speed of light and they can’t explain why.

0105-4x5color.aiIt cannot explain large scale filaments of electric current that connect galaxies across the Universe. It cannot explain the behavior of many “pulsars” and “gamma ray bursts” witnessed in deep space. It cannot explain the presence of “quasars” in galaxies that, according to their theory, are supposed to be billions of light years apart. It cannot successfully explain the behavior of the Sun, the most observed star in the Universe, or many of the properties found on planets and moons in our solar system.

General Relativity cannot be reconciled with other physics. The quantum behavior of nuclear physics can’t be explained in terms of General Relativity and attempts to reconcile it with quantum mechanics have never come close to succeeding. Everyone knows something is missing.

Even the few things General Relativity has “predicted” can be explained by simpler means. Phenomena that is purported to prove General Relativity, such as gravitational lensing, cosmic background radiation, planetary motion, time dilation of clocks sent into space – can be explained by alternative theories that nullify any unique proof of General Relativity.

General Relativity is conceived on the notion of space-time – Einstein’s cosmic fabric of four dimensions. Dimensions are just measurements. Measurements can be manipulated with mathematics to create a landscape, like a topographical map. But a map only describes the landscape – it doesn’t tell you what’s in it, what it’s doing, or what it is. Some of our scientists have confused the map with reality.

Look at reports from any NASA team after they obtain new observations. They begin with, “We didn’t expect this..,” or “Team is surprised…” Of course they are surprised. The “Where’s Elmo?” theory fails to predict anything real – only unknown, unseen “holes” and “dark” stuff.

Ben Carson is right. It’s time to rethink.

There is alternative science that explains our Universe with elegance and predictive accuracy, and without inventing imaginary matter and energy. The amazing thing is, it’s all classic physics. The Universe is full of electromagnetic energy – we see it on the Sun, we see it in comets, we see it on Pluto and every other planet and moon in the solar system. It is the organizing power we see all around us. Plasma is the reason.

IDL TIFF filePlasma is a fundamental state of matter, like solid, liquid or gas. It is the fourth and most abundant state of matter. Plasma is what we see in a flame, a lightning bolt, the aurorae at Earth’s magnetic poles and neon lights on beer signs. It’s a mixture of electrons and ions. An ion is a particle with one or more electrons stripped away, making it positively charged. Because plasma always has electrical charge in its electrons and ions, it produces magnetic fields.

As anyone who has used a magnet knows, they have the ability to pull things together and force them apart. Two like  charges push each other apart with great force. Two unlike charges, one positive, one negative, attract each other. That’s why a magnet sticks to the refrigerator door on one side, but falls off if it’s turned upside down. The force of even a small refrigerator magnet is able to overcome gravity with a force trillions of times stronger.

According to new theories coming from a rogue group of scientists from the world of applied science, rather than the institutionalized echo-chamber of theoretical cosmology, electricity and magnetic fields energize the Universe we see. It’s obvious what they propose makes good sense. All of the stars, and all of the galaxies, and all of the bright nebula, and all of the filaments of energy we see in the Universe is plasma. And all of it contains electromagnetic energy.

Big Bang cosmology disputes this, believing the weak force of gravity alone makes the universe work to create stars and galaxies. They assume all the ions and electrons cancel each other out, so they don’t have an effect on anything. This notion is absurd if you think about it. And adhering to it in the face of evidence makes it obvious theoretical physicists are just protecting their interests.

Snow Angel courtesy of NASALook at photos from the Hubble telescope and you will see bright, multicolored objects – planetary nebula, stellar novas, galactic nebula and spiral galaxies. They are all neon bright clouds of plasma, often forming organized patterns – spirals, hourglass figures and thousands of light year’s long beams of plasma. Gravity can’t do that.

What ‘Where’s Elmo?’ science does not recognize is the fact plasma does not allow the electrons and ions to cancel each other out. The positive and negative charges have magnetic fields that push and pull them around. The particles can’t fly in straight lines, running into each other like billiard balls, cancelling each other out. They are pushed and pulled in directions that separate the charge. The more they move the stronger the magnetic fields become, and particles organize into regions of magnetic fields and current flow, rather than dispersing like an inert cloud of dust.

Plasma is unique in it’s ability to self organize, creating sheaths of magnetic fields around current. Of course it’s a bit more involved than that, but I’ll let plasma physicists explain the details. This is a phenomena that electrical engineers and plasma physicists in applied science work with every day. It is known science developed by Nobel laureate scientists, backed by a century of repeatable experiment and observation. Big Bang theorists just refuse to consider it, preferring instead to support a theory they have invested their careers and our tax dollars into proving – without success.

Ben Carson is 100% right to question them.

For more information about Electric Universe theory, visit Thunderbolts.info