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A two part discussion of volcanoes and electricity. I explore the Pinacate shield volcano in Sonora, Mexico. It lies near the border, at the tip of the Sea of Cortez. It is an especially pristine and striking volcanic field.

It’s best known for huge maar craters, which appear to involve electrical discharge. The maar’s have rim craters, which is a feature that seems out of place in consensus theories. The crater rims appear to be sucked inward from the rising eruption, rather than blown outward as typically believed.

There are many electrical features in the Pinacate reminiscent of what is seen on the Moon, Mars and Mercury. Of course, Electric Universe believes these to be electric, too.

I contend these are from electrical discharge from beneath the surface of the Earth.

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2 thoughts on “Pinacate”

  1. I was looking through this work, from a link on ‘malagabay’, it occured to me whilst watching the Pinacate vid. that perhaps the cause of the explosions at all depths was the migration of hydrogen ions, from somewhere deep, following the current to the surface, reacting with anything and everything in their path. Then it ran away with me, what if it passed through shale? If it passed through molten silicate at depth how would that look nearer the surface? Try magnesium instead of silicate, etc.


    1. I think this makes a lot of sense. Ionization and discharge is occurring below surface, I believe, but something is expanding, too. I’ve thought it’s probably steam from an aquifer, but hydrogen would be produced too. Maybe it’s the significant factor.


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