How To Control The Weather

Can it be done? Lot’s of people say no. They say Nature is too vast for us feeble humans to influence, too complex to ever understand. This is hogwash, of course. All it takes is energy. Enough energy introduced in the right way will change the climate.

CO2 doesn’t do that, by the way. CO2 theoretically captures a minor fraction more energy from the Sun than Earth would otherwise reflect, but it doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. Let’s talk about what really drives weather, and how to manipulate it. In order to do that, we have to look at the planet for what it fundamentally is.

The “planet” is more than the blue marble we stand on. Earth is an electromagnetic bubble with a blue marble held inside. At the very edge of our bubble is another tiny little bubble called the Moon.

Fundamentally, Earth is an electric circuit that matter is bound to in a geometry of spherical layers. The outermost layers are the electromagnetic fields that extend far into space surrounding the planet. The innermost layer is at the core. Earth’s crust is one layer in the stack.

Electrically, that makes Earth a spherical capacitor that stores energy, primarily in it’s crustal shell and atmosphere. It absorbs radiant energy from the sun, and emf that enters at the poles by induction along geomagnetic field lines. Consensus science only recognizes the radiant energy. They pretend the auroras aren’t a consequence of significant polar energy flow into the planet, however obvious that may be.

The consensus measures “cosmic rays” at the poles, but that is only part of the physics. There is magnetic induction within Earth’s layers generated by the polar currents. These aren’t being measured, or even recognized by consensus science. It’s these currents that are the primary drivers of weather in the atmosphere of the blue marble.

They are much more than that, of course. The fact of Earth’s crustal currents has been recognized since prehistory. For instance, crustal current patterns relate to “Ley lines”, also considered by some to be the geometry of Earth’s ‘subtle electromagnetic energies’. They ain’t that subtle, and the relation to Earth’s subsurface electric currents is profound, but we can’t boil the whole ocean in one article, so let’s stick to controlling weather. I want to be as quick and blunt as a solar flare, because something tells me this might be pertinent right now.

The planet’s circuit configuration is that of a plasmoid. A plasmoid’s geometry is a hyperboloid wrapped by a toroid. From the standpoint of thermodynamics, it is a standing wave of energy. When energy stands still, it becomes dielectric; that is, matter with mass.

Solar and cosmic energy feed the system (Energy In), while high energy discharge from thunderstorms dissipates it (Energy Out) and the crustal layers of the planet are the buffer (Energy Stored). Electrically, the planet acts as an electret, with an internal electric field and circuitry wrapped in it’s own magnetic cocoon, floating in the electric field of the Sun. The Solar field feeds and sustains the Earth’s internal field. A plasmoid’s internal field dies without an external electric field to sustain it.

Plasmoid geometry

The outer shells seen in the figure above relate to Earth’s geomagnetic field and Van Allen belts. The blue marble is buried in the core of this entity, formed of layers of matter crunched into a sphere with electric currents coursing through it. It’s like a drop of condensate in a whirling, electric ‘vapor’ cloud.

The surface of the Earth, as on other planets is the neutral boundary layer. It’s almost the only place in the Universe where matter is considered “normal” – gas, water, or solid. Everywhere else there is plasma, the so-called fourth state of matter. If science were truly scientific, plasma should be called the first state of matter, and neutral matter a “special condition”.

The atmosphere around Earth also divides into layers – the tropical air layer, the high thin stratosphere and the ionosphere. There is a step voltage and change in plasma strength at each layer interface. There is also thermodynamic change. There is mechanical shearing at the boundaries, changes in momentum, temperature and pressure. All of these macro effects are due to electrical effects at the atomic level.

Earth’s atmosphere is composed of dielectric layers.

This creates a local electric field within each layer, which accumulates additive to an overall electric field across the atmosphere. Electrically speaking, this layering is called spherical capacitance. The degree of ionization, or “strength” of the plasma, increases with altitude until it accumulates to a fully charged sheath. And then there is space.

The same thing – layering, charge separation, step voltage, electric fields, changes in state – occur inside the Earth. The layers of hard crust, spongy athenosphere, outer core and inner core (assuming the conventional model) are the layers of the blue marble. The actions of capacitance and induced currents differ inside Earth in that they involve solid state circuitry in a complex, non-homogeneous matrix, but they still obey basic circuit behaviors.

But the structure of the bubble isn’t finished with the blue marble and it’s atmosphere. It is self contained in currents of magnetic induction along the geomagnetic field that loops far into “Space” (Space with a capital “S” is where astronauts hang), making this also part of Earth’s “space” (small “s”, meaning it’s volume).

The planetary circuit defines the true “volume” of the planet.

When the planetary bubble is exposed to a change in it’s environment, meaning the Solar environment, it has a feedback response. If the potential between the Solar environment and the planetary bubble increases, as in Solar Maximums, more energy is forced into the bubble by induction and it stores some of this energy in it’s capacitor shells.

If the potential decreases, as in a Solar Minimum, the bubble releases stored energy from it’s capacitor shells. Whether it is releasing energy, or storing energy, the change in state of the planet’s energy system induces current flow in the crust and atmosphere. Hence, it causes bad weather, volcanoes and earthquakes.

What stimulates the actions of severe weather, volcanism and earthquakes are the crustal currents – electric currents that flow within Earth’s crust. There are other currents in the system – the currents at the poles, currents inside the crust and currents outside the crust extending into space. But it is the crustal currents that directly affect the weather. Therefore, control of the weather can be achieved by influencing crustal currents.

Crustal currents flow where the plate boundaries are. They form rows of volcanoes, coastal boundaries and fault lines in Earth’s crust. In other words, they are easy to find if you just look. They are the result of induction from polar, Berkeland currents and charge accumulation at the continental plate-fringing fields due to capacitance.

It’s the fringing effect at the edge of a capacitor plate that accumulates charge, and the Earth’s magnetic field that moves it, generating currents. A change in the system state caused by a change in input energy from the Sun generates a change in the charge accumulated by the capacitor plates, and therefore a change in the crustal currents. To artificially affect the weather, all one needs to do is introduce some extra energy into the system where it amps-up the crustal currents.

It wouldn’t take much energy, either. Just the right amount of energy, probably in the microwave frequency, so it is easily absorbed by water that saturates the crust. It just needs to be delivered at the right frequency and amplitude to resonate with the circuit’s natural frequency and amplify the signal. Volcanoes, earthquakes and severe weather should result.

Here’s why. Capacitance couples the action of the crustal currents to the atmosphere. If a crustal current amps-up, storms will brew overhead, or at some node on the system where charge accumulates. It is just capacitance and induction. A moving charge (current) in the ground will induce a current in the atmosphere. A charge accumulation in the ground will be mirrored by a charge accumulation on the opposite plate – the atmosphere – by capacitance.

The consensus will claim there is no such coupling, but that is physically impossible because there is a known electric field at all times between Earth and sky, and a continuous drift current. So it physically has to respond to the laws of induction and capacitance. The consensus is either lying, or stupid.

It’s the same thing that a solar flare does to Earth’s atmosphere because it amps-up the ground currents. If some diabolical scientists wanted to effect severe weather, they would wait for a natural solar storm to activate the crustal currents, and then push those currents at resonant frequency to amplify them. Nicolai Tesla figured this out many years ago.

The goal is to introduce a signal-to-noise ratio greater than 1, which forces runaway feedback. It is the same thing as when you place a microphone near a speaker and feedback squeal drowns out the intended signal. By waiting for a solar storm to introduce a major spike in the noise, all the diabolical one needs to do is add a little push to the solar impulse to get the system out of balance and generate exceptional weather conditions.

I would guess a few thousand, or perhaps only hundreds of MW generated by secret nuclear plants, pulsed into the ground at strategic locations at the right frequency, would produce severe tropical weather in parts of the world, and heat waves and drought in others. Nuclear submarines might be used for this. Volcanoes would spew along the affected circuits accompanied by earthquakes, fires and probably an increase in UFO sightings because of strange lights in the sky.

As we dip into the Solar Minimum, the Earth is experiencing amped-up ground currents. There has been a dramatic increase in volcanic eruption, drought, severe weather, earthquake and fire in the last couple of years as a result. But could it be getting a little help from DARPA, or some other malevolence? It’s not like the Deep State has an agenda, is it? They wouldn’t screw with the weather without telling us … would they?

34 thoughts on “How To Control The Weather”

  1. hi, your idea is great! I also think Earth is electric. do you think about air pressure? I don’t think atmospheric pressure is due to gravity. Atmospheric pressure is caused by ionic wind due to atmospheric potential. To create an atmospheric potential, it is necessary to recognize the existence of a current source inside the earth. The current source rotates the earth, creating a magnetic field and generating gravity. The olivine in the mantle reacts with methane to produce carbon dioxide and water. At this time, a large amount of electrons are generated. Water goes out to the earth and makes the sea. Carbon dioxide is the source of the Earth’s atmosphere. Muon-catalyzed fusion produces nitrogen and oxygen from carbon dioxide. The electric circuit of the earth is not limited to the weather, but connects all phenomena.


  2. There is plenty of low frequency energy available to the earth. Below 10MHz the background radiation temperature from space is roughly equal to the galactic radiation. Every decade below 10 Mhz, the background temp goes up ~3 orders of magnitude. The Milky Way galactic arms and Magellanic clouds look dark against this bright background. At all wavelengths longer than 1mm , the earth receives more energy frm the cosmic background than it does from the sun.


    1. What you call background radiation, I call filamentary power. The planets slowly move out in orbitals, with every Nova. Eventually, the filamentary power overtakes that of the star and the planet leaves those solar orbitals and becomes a proto star.

      Radio frequencies have enormous slow power. All the pinches are of a certain range of frequencies. The photosphere is the result of these and will disappear for a short while as polarity of the AC filamentary power reverses.

      The timing seems to be associated with certain planetary movements. The largest planets coincide in 3 dimensions, not just the longitude but latitude as well.

      There seems to be sensitive points on all orbits. Earth was born from the star and this was the expulsion from Eden. That is celebrated on Saturnalia, the 12th day of Christmas. The birth of the Earth, not some carpenter’s son. The closest point to the Sun.


      1. The undoing of the psychic attribution of ‘expulsion from Eden’ as archetype of attack, fear and guilt (mortal conditioning) is signified by Christ as a direct Inherence replacing a false inheritance.
        The Crossover is associated with Nibiru and with Hebrews as well as all minds of symbolic representations in the Mythic record. So I suggest the eyes to see are within a resonant inherence rather than a split mind set by trauma in lockdown, distancing and masking ‘reality-augmentations or manipulations that require constant sacrifice to maintain in place of resting in peace or zero-point appreciation for being.
        The opportunity for controversy is as infinite as tolerance for pain – which is mercifully finite.
        The meaning of the Christ is Meaning restored – regardless anything going on in our heads. If you share in the synchronicity of awareness and gratitude for being ie unselfconscious joy or intimacy of being, then you are the vibrational quality of meeting others and world in like resonance – no matter what they think they are.
        That any communication coming into the rules and filters of a control mind or ‘world’ seen through such is subverted or fearfully interpreted and distorted -even inverted is the nature of the lens though which we thinks and see, not the original nature and quality of Reality as Communication in All That Is.

        Invested identity will distort our awareness. Recognising preferences is a capacity to hold balance and not assign weight to personal histories as the determiner of a true or actual presence.

        Thanks for your willingness to look past appearances and open ways of seeing.
        Fractal resonances operate across time as in space.
        Let Both/And replace Either/Or.
        If you are open to consider.

        Narratives are never more than vehicles of cultural information, and mythic creations always contain elements of evil or conflicted being. Ultimately or right now – I am not my story. But Gratitude for the life and love shared.

        Zero-point – represents to me the One that seems empty and yet is source and nature of all (polarised) expression.
        Judge and be judged is a psychic facet of action and reaction.
        Once ‘in’ its easy to interpret everything as a sense of limitation to be escaped, resolved, overcome, adapted to, explored etc.
        But zero-point is INfinity point and that typo made the point.
        Looking at the same thing with innocent eyes and seeing what you had never seen before.


      2. Exodus recounts the likely series of events. The OT is history and the NT is an attempt at reassuring and informing the reader of what is to come and when.

        There is no need for fear. It is the most matural cycle. For good and bad reasons, it has been hidden. Apocalypse means uncovering. The time to organize is at hand.

        Andy has established the nature of the events of the Fall on the surface of America. Details may also be found elsewhere, further informed by witness accounts of those in the OT. Australian first nations stories are enlightening. Snakes that crate monoliths and waterholes. Currents that spiral and show a rainbow of colour and travel along the ground? Seeking refuge in caves seems to have become popular … among survivors …

        As I have said, we are now further from the star and any new born planet. The suffering will be less dramatic, but revise Exodus, closely?


      3. Fear Not! – indeed.
        Judge not is the same in effect.
        Alignment, attunement, by whatever name or none, be the life you are.

        Yes everything alive and yet life is not in things.
        Or thinks

        Gratitude for being


  3. Perhaps it would be interesting for an Episode/Chapter
    to determine the differences between glaciers & floods
    and the expanding earth & electric machining & craters, or any of the mix,

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  4. Saturn’s moon Titan has a radius of 2575 km and a gravity of only 0.14 G. Although the diameter is only 1600km larger than the moon, the surface pressure is 1.5 atm. It’s 1.5 times that of the earth. It is not the gravity that creates the atmospheric pressure, but the atmospheric potential. The atmosphere between the surface of the earth and the ionosphere has a potential difference of 100 V per meter near the surface of the earth. This potential difference creates a state in which the ionic wind is always blowing downward. Atmospheric pressure is created by ionic wind.

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    1. Gravity is not understood by lamestream science. The professionals may know it better. Aether pressure means two bodies are apparently attracted. They suffer the same pressure from the ‘fabric of the universe’. They can block the pressure from it on the other body. So a negative is made into a positive.

      This has implcations for the apparent weight on another body than the Earth.

      Gallileo proved that two bodies of different mass, but similar volume, land at the same time when dropped from Pisa’s leaning tower. So assumed mass is irrelevant to determine gravity on another body. For humans, the planets or their moons are enormous. That means gravity, the replsive force, is totally blocked from one direction. Those who actually survive getting to the Moon or Mars may find they are not able to jump like a gazelle!


    2. Yes, gravity has little effect on clouds or winds. Eventually hailstones do fall as their weight and charge overcomes the winds and layers. Microbursts show some of the relationship between gravity and electromagnetic force.

      It is all about double layers, cells and the push of the solar storm winds of protons and ions. If the body has a magnetic field the winds will enter at the poles and move to the equator. Their movement will help create a field. So … The fastest measure winds are on Neptune. Please correct me if wrong.

      Moons are never captured by planets: they are exploded out of them. Star born rocks, ‘comets’ or ‘asteroids’, will often have a potato shape. The expansion caused by escape from the stellar pinch means separate bodies, or else deformation.


  5. Christ. Agnus Dei. The Fire of God. A fiery cross in the sky, prompting the conversion of Constantine. A sign to all.

    It is actually the naked Solar Corona, no photosphere. The Sun is extinguished. Black Sun. The Phoenix, Px. Lasts, according to the NT, about 3.00pm day 1 to day 3 at 6.00am or earlier. As the Earth turns over, maintaining spin, gyro stabilized, the Sun, so not the Christ, appears to stand still. It then sets whence it rose, reversing its apparent course as the Earth has reversed poles. The exact sequence might be inferred, but will soon become apparent.

    So a real, recurring stellar event, possibly detectable when the local stars undergo the same loss of Filament power. The loss of pinches around the star allows a planet to leave mother. The Isis story repeated.


  6. Andy, It should be borne in mind that before the arrival of Venus, and its moon, now Mercury, Earth was in Mercury orbit about an Orange star, of lesser heat etc output.

    After the next Nova or Christ, Earth will be 4th or 5th planet, meaning flares will be even less significant. Always recalling the ‘death’ of Apollo …. so reasons to be optimistic.


  7. We have filled our civilized surfaces with iron… rail lines, bridges, house roofing etc. How will this affect the impact of solar flares and telluric currents?

    Would the iron ways that span continents be useful in transmitting energy as artifical fault lines? Pump in energy and equalize or discharge to harmonize with the expected duting the Christ?

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    1. We ground everything, so they don’t introduce as much interference as you might think. I do know earthquakes are occurring where high voltage power lines cross sub-surface currents. The power lines were there before the earthquakes, so it has to be an increase in ground current that is inducing charge accumulations at these points, resulting in a sub-surface discharge and earthquake. The transmission lines are not grounded.

      I would look at the construction and placement of ancient megaliths. The line of megaliths that follows the great circle through Giza, Lake Titicaca, Angkor Watt, Easter Island, etc. is most certainly intended to influence Earth’s currents in some way. How, I haven’t figured out yet. Any thoughts?

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      1. Canals? Water was necessary to the very large cities, Angkor Wat was huge.

        The pyramids were never for burials but that begs the question. At that time, the Earth had a stable planet wide civilization. No oceans, the planet inside the star, smaller orb but larger surface land area. Poles did not exist. Tropical weahter everywhere and a purple sky. Red Sun, fluorescent atmosphere.

        The ‘Fall’, the expulsion from Eden/Aten/TN, meant ocean basins. Magma boiled up to deal with the release of the pinches, Z pinch etc, on the exit from the star at the Nova event. Two subsequent catastrophes were Phaeton/Halleys/Death of Apollo and the birth of Venus, Nova/Christ event. The ‘priests’ and philosophers put two and two together and realized what had happened and thus wrote the New Testament and probably what we now accept as the Old Testament, which had been sung after the Fall and was reduced to writing by cleric/scribes, who also introduced recipe advice and commandments of all sorts.

        So in this scenario, the Plates are stable and do not duck down into the magma. The Earth is still expanding but at a much slower rate. It seems further expansion may be ‘on the cards’, as we move further away from the stellar pinches. You are better placed to consider what that will mean for current civilizations? The scope for Pan ic is huge. Earthwide. We will assume Mars or even Apollo orbit. Venus lost its satellite and suffered some discharge, (from Earth?) that caused it not to commence rotation according to the right hand rule. So it is slowly reversing its ‘wrong’ rotation. But it lost Mercury and travelled two orbitals not one. Again, even if that occurs, Earth will suffer less than it did with the birth of Venus. Ever optimistic….


      2. Their positioning would have been easier due to the events along these telluric current lines? Melted rock, more malleable at that time? People have changed very little since then, whatever is easiest ….


      3. Grounding the rail lines. We should consider ungrounding them? Using them as transmitters for ‘weather’ control. Dual use.

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  8. Do you accept Christ into your heart? Oh you septics! Septic tank, yank.

    The Christ being the polarity reversal of the filament that feeds power into the stars and also planets. As planets steer away from stars, they gain the raw power and their weather speeds increase. Every 460 years + half 60 years, we experience the Christ. This alters as power increases, orbits elongate and as Earth’s position moves out along the sheaths obeying the Titus Bode positions.

    Any thoughts? The discrepancies of carbon and other radioactive dating, is explained by solar flare incursions speeding up the destruction of matter and releasing the constituent energy.


      1. AC is the power from the Galaxies to all the stars, along the filaments that power foir example, all our local stars. It reverses polarity, hence why old maps had what we now call South, at the top of those maps. So, CIA leaks about polar reversals have some basis. And don’t say huh. americanisms are degenerative and decadent.

        Use your words, you have skills? HUH????

        Warnings from the past have been inserted into religious texts. Very difficult to suppress.

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      2. There is very extensive analysis of the false histories at Malagabay blogspot. Tim Cullen writes it. Halley’s Comet is likely the result of the death of Apollo, which now remains as the asteroid belt, but was the 3rd planet at the time. Recorded as the death of Abel at the hands of Cain.

        The Earth is not as old as we are told…. Charles Lyell was a lawyer and a liar!


  9. HAARP was an experiment, to verify the feedbacks that you suggest. There were periods of strange weather movements, diversions from forecasts by previously well regarded models, over the last decade and a half.

    There are Treaties on this as it affects the waging of war, such a prominent monkey activity.

    Economic chaos is about to be unleashed in your part of the World. Action on the Pacific boundary has been under way for over a decade, in reduction of EQs. Mostly, this involves the injection of fluids, water based, into oil wells and fault lines, to ‘lubricate’ and increase EQs of a small magnitude, draining energy and preventing large EQs. Has this reduced the rain and snowfalls? Undoubtedly.


      1. Chaos has just begun. Exodus gives us the run up to the birth of Venus. One sage recently told me that the first born slept opn the gorund in houses, while the rest of the family slept on the roof. Thus when gases were released from the Earth, they suffocated, not the younger offspring.

        Buy dried foods, water filters and viable land inland and 100 metres high at least. All metals will be useful, but tools and skills may aid survival. Can’t eat gold. Gold has tremendous value for electronics and adornment but is nothing, when supply lines totally disappear. Diamonds are already more portable…. Catalyst metals are already high and will go higher. Planted, established fruit trees are an excellent investment. Silver is a tiny fraction of gold. It is more useful and historically, was 12 or 20 to 1 in value. But transporting heavy metals away from disaster is not easy! Draught animals may be necessary… Thinking stone age may be useful

        Flints and wooden devices may be necessary for a while, as the capacitance of the atmosphere will be high and metals unuseable.

        An example of this is Alfred DeGrazia’s description of the Ark. It was a wooden box, housing metal plates, probably copper, that had a directable discharge. It was charged by movement over ground, so Antioch etc had their walls fall with a great noise. Those who operated the Ark had to be naked and a description of one who had metal on his person, dying, is given.

        Recall the Druids only used wood but cut mistletoe with gold. Misteltoe having fertility significance and available at depth of winter there may be a clue as to when conductive metals become usable once more.

        Sounds like fun?


  10. I appreciate your articulation of this Andy.

    Some time back I mentioned Frank Chester at Bath, England Re the patterns of the Heart (and Planet).
    Recently Tom Cowan interviewed Manel Ballister on the heart it takes a while to get going but is very relevant to the coherence of the heart field in its embracing terrain. The interview is talking without slides but youtube ‘helical heart’ to easily find the videos showing its unraveling as a ‘rope’.

    The ‘communication’ of resonant coherence is a synchronicity.



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    1. I brought-up Frank Chester in my talk in Bath year-before-last in the context of the Chestahedron and Earth’s inner circuits. Frank is as right as rain. It’s the same circuit as the heart. It’s the same circuit everywhere. The unraveled rope is what Scientific Lee calls “God’s double helix”. I will look for this interview.

      Thank you. Isn’t it interesting watching people wake up?

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    2. ‘EMF or emf, is the basis for all life, raising the issue of planets as possibly ‘alive’.

      Plasmoid or Cardioid? A perfect plasmoid is never possible as we exist in a soup of EMF at all frequencies and the largest power may be at radio levels.


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