Gila Bigfoot

Bigfoot is not an important thing to most people. It’s entertainment – a tantalizing possibility to tease curiosity and fuel ‘B’ movies, YouTube and reality TV. How would life change if indisputable proof were produced? If you knew for sure there was something ‘out there’, faster, sneakier and smarter than you, able to take your… Read More Gila Bigfoot

The Haunting Mystery of Dyatlov Pass – Part Three

Part Two ended with the group split-up, and beginning to die. Zina followed Slabodin’s footprints, but veered away in the clearing. She could see her destination – the tent above. She never saw Slabodin’s body, struck to the ground only meters away. She passed him oblivious to what waited ahead. Igor followed, but could not… Read More The Haunting Mystery of Dyatlov Pass – Part Three

The Haunting Mystery of Diatlov Pass – Part Two

Part 1 left the group inside the tent with a screaming Yeti outside. The growling and screaming became incessant. Semen Zolotorev composed his breathing. Instincts and experience took over the chaos in his mind. Suppress the panic. Panic wasn’t helpful. Yeeaarghh…Yeeaarghh…Eeeaaghhh! He peered through a slit in the tent, “Snuff the lamp, I can’t see.”… Read More The Haunting Mystery of Diatlov Pass – Part Two

My Encounter

Location: Sespe Wilderness Area of Los Padres National Forest; GPS coordinates 34 deg, 32’.36” North; 118 deg, 52’.42” West Nearest Town: Fillmore, California Time: Spring, 2004 Event: Bigfoot Encounter The Sespe is the longest remaining undammed river in California. It’s also home to the endangered California Condor. The condor’s Sanctuary lies within the Sespe Wilderness… Read More My Encounter


Why do people believe weird things? Because they believe this guy… “Skeptic” Michael Shermer shows his true colors – too lazy to listen, denigrates EU Community ad hominem – lost in the circular reasoning of establishment science. Shamelessly misleads….claims EU about Chemtrails and 9/11 conspiracy. Dr. Donald Scott rebuttal…Scientific American won’t fact check. What’s Hot…Lightning.… Read More Today in THE DAILY PLASMA