Why do people believe weird things? Because they believe this guy…

“Skeptic” Michael Shermer shows his true colors – too lazy to listen, denigrates EU Community ad hominem – lost in the circular reasoning of establishment science.

Shamelessly misleads….claims EU about Chemtrails and 9/11 conspiracy.

Dr. Donald Scott rebuttal…Scientific American won’t fact check.

lightnings12What’s Hot…Lightning.

  • Mountain buster lightning…Nat Geo
  • Rock melting lightning…Live Science
  • Paleo-lightning and petroglyphs…JSTOR
  • From petroglyphs to Mars…USRA

The Daily Plasma is the new landing page for up to date news and fascinating articles. Plus a listing of sites with news of science, Electric Universe and even Bigfoot. See these articles and more…and if you know an article, a website, or you-tube channel worth following, let me know and I’ll include it.

4 thoughts on “Today in THE DAILY PLASMA”

  1. Thanks THX. Didn’t mean to throw you off when I changed site name. Glad your still with. You’re right, scientists keep finding electricity everywhere they look. They should take a step back and think about it.


  2. I was fascinated by the body language of Shermer during the panel discussion at the conference. Much of the time he had his arms folded across his chest, indicating a closed mind.


  3. Haha, you threw me a curve ball by changing the name of your RSS news feed. But I found you. Interesting little side-trips in the posted articles where mainstream researchers are getting whiffs of the Electric Universe (but not seeing the whole picture).


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