Triangles In Nature – Why?

First posted to Steemit as “Geometry Challenge – Week 1, Entry 1” on November 3, 2017

Triangular shapes are everywhere in Nature. They show up in geology, biology, chemistry and physics; from the sub-atomic scale to the cosmic. But is it significant? Connect any three points and it makes a triangle – it’s hard to avoid. Triangles are bound to appear in Nature, because it’s … well, natural.

Or is it that simple? Triangles emerge in fractal geometries, where they repeat at different scales. It’s as if there is a common denominator influencing the process. The finest examples are ones most difficult to reconcile with accepted theories.

Mountains, we are told, rise and fall subject to tectonic movement, seismic vibration, upheaval,  faulting, freezing, thawing, lightning, wind and water erosion. A mountain form results from a potpourri of random effects spanning millions of years. You’d think they’d just be piles of rubble, yet we find features like this:

AsiaAsian 8Asian 3

Good lord, there’s triangles everywhere. Not kinda triangular, but sharp-edged and consistently angled, that repeat, over an over. It’s amazing, really. And to think this could happen from millions of independent, random forces acting over millions of years. It’s a wonder.

Geologists say the cause is mainly erosion. Water follows faults, and cracks, carrying away soil, and rock. Rain collects into runnels, that collect into streams, and funnel into ever narrower channels of flow, leaving triangular pyramids between canyons. It’s that simple.

But is this true? Doesn’t water flow straight down, obeying the imperative of gravity? Take a look at these volcanoes. Their flanks are no different than mountains, and they certainly show water erosion.

No triangles, though. Except for the conical shape of the volcano itself, triangles don’t appear. Just chaotic, flow patterns that basically squiggle straight down.


Perhaps it’s some property of mountains that volcanoes don’t share. Linear alignment of faults that direct the water to produce a regularity in form … maybe?

But that can’t explain the triangles in the next pictures. Just look at the rock behind the triangles. It’s pocked and uneven, twisted and tortured. So, how could water flow in any regular way to carve the neat, little repeating triangles below?


San Rafael Reef, Utah – photos by Andrew Hall

Close-up you can see the triangles are mostly soft dirt sediments laying on hard sandstone rock. They should have eroded away millions of years ago. Yet here they sit in a neat, tidy row along the base of jagged, rocky slopes. The triangles are evenly layered and cut straight, yet the rock underneath is uneven and convoluted. There doesn’t appear to be evidence of water flow at all.

The triangles aren’t piles of dirt fallen from the slopes above, either. They are clearly layered at the same angle throughout, with hard layers sandwiched between layers of soil. The soil is not even the same color. A rock slide couldn’t do that.

Look at something even stranger. On this mountain in Iran, triangles repeat in harmonics. The triangles are layered on one another, with the outer ones repeating the form in harmony – where two, three or more triangles repeat inside the form of the previous triangle. I circled where seven tiny ones formed across the base of a larger one.


Harmonics displays itself often on the flanks of mountains of every type of rock, from sandstone to granite, everywhere in the world. They appear in rows, spaced precisely like wavelengths, their amplitudes rising and falling in geometric progression in nested, harmonic triangular forms.




It’s as if they are wave-forms. In fact, every aspect of their appearance relates to sonic waves. They appear in harmonic frequencies, with wavelengths and amplitudes that vary in proportion, and they are always layered in place, the stratification angled with the face of the triangle.

It’s odd that the faces are flat, too. They should be humped and rounded if made by erosion. It’s as if they were layered into place during some coherent event, with new wave-layers breaking into smaller harmonic repetitions of the wave-form as time progressed. This is something sonic waves do, too.

San Rafael Reef, Utah – photo by Andrew Hall
Finely layered sandstone on Comb Ridge, Arizona – photo by Andrew Hall.


Sometimes mountains can be absolutely crazy, going beast – mode with the triangles. Look at the following pictures, and there is only one rational conclusion to draw.

Astroiranradial3expfaniran8Asia6Asia 7

These were made by coherent forces, not random erosion over time. Just look at the images and it’s clear something fundamentally different from mere erosion occurred. There is some common denominator in the equation for mountains we are missing.

In fact, there are too many wave-like features to be coincidence. There is the repeating fractal form of the triangle itself, with consistent angles. Consistent amplitudes relating to specific layers, suggesting a time sequence to their formation. Wavelength, frequency and amplitude maintain consistent ratios. And they appear regardless of the type of rock, in ordered, stratified layers. Not only that, the wave-forms express compression and expansion, interference patterns, and repeat in nested harmonics. And there is obvious coherence across grand landscapes. The evidence defies all commonly accepted theory.

There is a logical answer, however. There is a rational, physical explanation why mountains have triangular flatiron flanks. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with water erosion, earthquakes, or millions of years. It has nothing to do with plate tectonics. In fact, the answer disputes almost everything taught in school.

It has to do with the wind. I’m not talking about the wind as you know it. I’m talking about a primordial wind of super-sonic velocity, that generated shock waves and carried electricity. That is why these features appear with patterned perfection. Shock waves create triangular patterns. The mountains didn’t erode into these shapes, they were built into these shapes, like sand dunes in the wind. In fact, except for volcanoes, sand dunes are the only mountain we see made – by the wind.

Bullet impact creates triangular shock wave reflections. Supersonic wind produces triangles in standing, reflected waves.

The face of Earth was once scoured by weather like Jupiter’s, with winds that exceeded the speed of sound. Triangles are prime evidence. Supersonic wind creates standing waves of pressure and rarefaction that take triangular form as they reflect from obstructions in the wind flow. Obstructions like mountains – so the windward flanks have the triangular shape of shock patterns embossed on them.

reflected shock
Shock diamonds produced by supersonic flow in a wind tunnel.

The atmosphere was also heavily ionized, and the dust it carried obeyed electric fields, welding and electroplating the landscape like a plasma torch.

Mountains were created in such a primordial environment. That’s why they line up in linear arrays, like dunes. That’s why one face is steeper, like a dune, and the other slope – the windward side, is shallow, flat and displays triangular features. That’s why volcanoes, which were formed by eruption and not winds, don’t display triangular features, and water erodes channels straight down their slopes like it’s supposed to.

None of this is implausible. We see tornadoes produce winds of 300 mph. That’s roughly half the speed of sound. So, it’s entirely possible winds on Earth reached two, three, or more times that speed in the past.

And ionization and electrical current is already in the atmosphere. The highest winds are produced by tornadoes in electrical storms, where the electric field grows to hundreds of millions of volts above normal. Enough to create the giant sparks we call lightning.

We actually see all the conditions in our weather to produce a mountain, except the extreme severity of wind speed and ionization. But we do see those conditions on other planets. Jupiter and Saturn swirl in dynamic cyclones of ionic wind that reach supersonic speeds. Venus’ atmosphere is a constant electric storm, with lightning thousands of times bigger than we see on Earth. If we can see it happening on our neighborhood planets, that’s good evidence it could happened here.

What we don’t have evidence of on other planets, is plate tectonics. Oh well, there isn’t much evidence on Earth either. It’s the narrative that won’t go away, built on unverified assumptions that we’ve been taught to believe.

The truth is, we don’t even know what’s inside the Earth past the few miles of crust we’ve drilled through. We don’t know what causes earthquakes, volcanoes, or mountains to rise and fall. We don’t know if mountains rise and fall, at all. All we have are a bunch of assumptions about what happened long ago.

What the landscape shows doesn’t look like the theory we are taught. It looks like something completely different shaped the land. Alternative ideas abound, but mine is the only one that explains the triangles.

Since we live on this planet, our minds should be open to what it tells us. There is more than triangular shapes on mountains to comprehend. If your interested in learning more, follow me at the ‘electricearth’ tag at Steemit, and visit my website, The Daily Plasma.

Before we end, here is a bonus. Sometimes you can find triangles on volcanoes if you look inside the crater… Tell me why @chargedbody.

Maar crater, Pinacate Volcanic Field, Sonora, Mexico

14 thoughts on “Triangles In Nature – Why?”

  1. The “angle of repose” is responsible for creating the triangular structures. Dunes, mountains, volcanoes, glaciers etc – all the same documented phenomenon.


  2. Hello Andy,

    I challenge anybody to develop a better idea, than yours. about what caused flatiron rock formation. Please inform me of any other opposing ideas. I cannot fathom any hypothesis except yours.

    But you will need to explain where all the electrical power came from. My idea is a mega solar corona mass eruption that retained it magnetic characteristics as it swept over the Earth’s magnetosphere. Of course, this kind of event is rare. Most past mega CME’s probably missed the Earth and may have struck other planets.

    Keep developing your ideas and check my similar ideas on my website. Doug Ettinger


    1. Hi Doug,
      Thank you for reading and your gracious comments. My observation to date – subject to more research – is there were several events. There are frequencies evident, but they change indicating more than one influence, so I don’t think they were solely from Solar influence, or at least not directly each time. Something else was oscillating the circuit. It really points to the Saturn/Mars linear alignment that Dave and Wal promote, and then a shift to a Solar orbit. I see very clear evidence of an oscillation vectored through the poles in the past. I am working to put this down in a book. Part of my research is to read your books.

      I never thanked you for sending copies of your books and mentioning my work. I also never answered your request for comment. My sincere apology, and I want to say so publicly. My life turned upside down about the time you contacted me due to a confluence of causes, and I simply unplugged from email, etc. for awhile. I should have got back with you and apologized before now. I do this unplugging thing periodically, when burdens of life overwhelm. I think it’s necessary to maintain sanity and stay tuned to Nature. But I sometimes miss important things, too.

      Something else I have to admit. I don’t read other EU theories much. Not because I’m not interested. My intent is to research others and assimilate, but it isn’t time yet. My first goal was to answer the question: if we live in an electric universe, where is the evidence on Earth? Earth isn’t like any other planet with craters, so why is it different? I felt I needed to answer that question myself without anyone’s influence, without any pre-concieved notion other than the question, could electricity do this? Simple falsifiability. Earth passed the test and I have convinced myself that electricity is the force of Nature, matter is emergent, as is gravity, and an entrained ether is self evident, if not yet identified.

      Convincing myself was a critical step. I’m now exploring more what others are saying, and damned if it doesn’t sound familiar.



  3. Of course, you know that the cold planets at the outer edge of our system have much stronger winds.

    This is not caused by heat.

    It is caused by charge pressure.

    The coming Nova will again lash the Earth.

    NASA has discovered the Velikovsky and others were correct about the cometary nature of Venus. The plasmasphere tail just stops short of Earth. After the energy build up, it will once again enter glow mode and illuminate even during the day. The sky may writhe with hissing snakes!

    Earth’s tail regularly whips up dust storms on Mars, even in dark mode.

    Colorado may not be the safest place in the USA…


  4. Hi Mr Hall.

    I would like to congratulate you on your deductive processes. You certainly have a brilliant inquiring mind. However, deductions reached can often be coloured by a world view; by certain presumptions. Have you ever entertained the idea that there may be another explanation, another conclusion that is more valid? For instance have you ever considered the immense difficulty, even the impossibility, of life evolving from non-life? (there’s no such thing as a simple cell that can replicate its self). Where did the incredibly complex information coded in DNA come from. There are many more cells in a human body than stars in a galaxy. How does a Caterpillar, such as a monarch, spin a chrysalis, dissolve itself in a virtual chemical soup (discarding certain cells and re-purposing others) to reassemble its self into a totally different insect? Why, if colour have evolved to attract a mate, are fishes in the deepest depths of the ocean where there is no light, coloured? How a squid can instantly camouflage itself against its surroundings using multi-colours to blend in and yet it is colour blind. There is no disputing micro-evolution, the ability of an organism to adapt to its environment, even survival of the fittest, but there is absolutely no evidence for macro evolution. A couple of sites I would recommend for you to look at are Harvard University’s
    “inner life of a cell” “Dinosaur blood”

    Purposely designed creation is a much better explanation than that blind unguided chance. The Bible is much more plausible than many think it is. Genesis make perfect sense.

    Kind regards



  5. Nice theory and photos but Noah’s flood and recent geological processes provide a much better explanation. First no mountains are primordial. Second, the triangular features are all very small and in sedimentary rocks which were laid down during the global flood event. It is a big logic jump to go from shock waves to standing waves in winds. Can these triangles be created in simulations?


  6. Andy,

    Hello. I’m Brian Whittaker. I’m an airline pilot and life long amateur astronomer. I must say that I have been fascinated by your ideas for a year now, since randomly coming across your work. I think you are extremely clever and onto something big. I’d like to write you a longer letter but I’m not sure how to contact you, as I avoid social media. My question for now is, did you get this email? If so, I am excited to introduce myself to you further.

    I’m afraid my life bucket is pretty full and I have let many of my hobby interests slip, but I’m 100% Earth Sciences at heart. As a global airline pilot, I look down at these mountains all the time. I’ve been to and stood on many of your example mountains. Trust me, I think you are brilliant.

    Brian Whittaker


    Liked by 1 person

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